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CLASH News Flash For November 3, 2011

November 3, 2011 · Print This Article

CLASH News Flash For November 3, 2011: Hey all, thanks for tuning in to this week’s news flash! We’ve got a ton to cover from the fall out of CLASH FROM THE CRYPT on 10/22 and a ton to look forward to at our 2011 Season Finale on November 19th – DIVIDED WE FALL! Let’s first get you the details to our next & last extravaganza for this year –

Big League Brews and Warriors 3 Comics & Games present
Saturday, November 19th, 2011

TaylorTown Trade Center
22525 Ecorse Rd.
Taylor, MI 48180

All Ages: $12 General, Discounts ONLINE
8pm bell; Doors open @ 7pm

In what was such an emotional bout at CLASH FROM THE CRYPT; it was more than gold on the line for one man, it was a job and the opportunity to re-establish himself in an industry he loves most – performing as a Professional Wrestler for CLASH Wrestling. Over the last few months since Wreckingball was terminated by CEO Truth Martini; he has paid the admission price to support the CLASH product. In what was a chance of a lifetime; winning ALL OUT WAR gave Wreckingball the opportunity to challenge CLASH Champion “GQ” Gavin Quinn for the gold. However, by winning the gold would mean you’re an active competitor on the CLASH roster which was bigger than anything for the Wreckingball. If this already wasn’t making Wreckingball sweat bullets, add the fact that Gavin Quinn has remained undefeated for well over a year and CEO Truth Martini modified this contest to be no disqualification.

After countless run-ins by various CLASH competitors (some in support of Wreckingball; others in support of Quinn), the final result was Gavin Quinn once again standing victorious. What’s next for the Wreckingball now? Will he swallow his pride and continue to attend our CLASH extravganzas? We’ll see at our season finale on November 19th!

In this ongoing story of mentor and pupil; we’ve watched on as seasoned veteran “Amazing” N8 Mattson has attempted to assist “Sin City Sparklin” Cameron Skyy in his CLASH Wrestling endeavors. Cameron Skyy in his own right is a former CLASH Champion and has been brash to heed any advice from Mattson. We watched the finish unfold in six man tag team action on October 22nd when Skyy requested to be tagged back in leading to a distracted Mattson suffering defeat via pinfall. Post match saw Skyy venting frustration toward his so called mentor; will the two collaborate again on November 19th? Join us and find out!

Prior to the fate of the Wreckingball being decided in our main event on October 22nd, the “Caveman” Tyler Elkins made his way out for a handicapped attraction. Elkins, being on a hot streak since his Cage Match victory in September, chose to heckle the Wreckingball so much that the two were separated by security from the audience following Elkins’ victory. Elkins also was a key factor in the main event decision as he was one of the last run-in interferences to aid Quinn to victory. The Caveman obviously out to prove a point and we’re certain that gold is on the mind after a series of victories. We can confirm that he is one of the 20 competitors entered in the “Eliminator Series” on November 19th, but remember, CLASH cannot stop the Wreckingball from paying the admission price and sitting at ringside.

“Murderous Monk” J. Miller returned to singles action on October 22nd against Petey Williams. Although he suffered defeat by the aid of “GQ” Gavin Quinn (c), his ability in the ring had not lost a beat. However, his vocal cords have… J.Miller upon his return has taken a vow of silence as evident in one of the most recent interviews uploaded to our CLASH Wrestling Youtube channel. His actions speak louder than words as it’s apparent he’s underneath the skin of Quinn who’s still upset of his victory celebration being interrupted at “100” on August 6th. Although it is the goal of Miller and other CLASH athletes to challenge Quinn for the gold; that spot must be earned. J. Miller will be featured in the DIVIDED WE FALL “Eliminator Series” on November 19th; in what type of match exactly, well that’s still to be announced.

CLASH Wrestling has always been proud of its presentation of Tag Team competition. Although the travel issues held CLASH Tag Champions Too Sweet (c) up at CLASH FROM THE CRYPT, they will be on hand for our Season Finale on November 19th and in tag action! Never before in CLASH history has there been such a wide variety of unique teams ranging from The Painkillers, H3RD, Sons Of Sanity, “Amazing” N8 & Cameron Skyy etc! Which team is their next challenge? Stay tuned to CLASHWRESTLING.COM for details!

Thanks for reading this week’s news flash! Be sure to grab your tickets to DIVIDED WE FALL now as their flyin’ off our cyber shelves for discounts at CLASHWRESTLING.COM!