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CLASH News Flash For June 9th, 2009

June 10, 2009 · Print This Article

CLASH News Flash For June 9, 2009: Lots of news and controversy stemming from this past weekend’s FTW: FOR THE WIN Supershow in Taylor, MI. Special thanks to those that made it out, but before we begin let us first remind you of THE BIGGEST TAG TEAM WRESTLING TOURNAMENT in MICHIGAN that is coming your way in less than 2 weeks!

Friday & Saturday, June 19-20, 2009 (2 Day)
8:00 PM Belltime, Doors @ 7:00pm

TaylorTown Trade Center
22525 Ecorse Rd.
Taylor, MI 48180

Tickets for this upcoming Supershow Extravaganza are $10 Adults, & $5 Kids 12 and under each day. Ask the merch girls about 2 day Passes upon arrival & remember to check out the new incentive program which will be discussed below. All ages are welcome, be sure to tell family, friends, and all to experience the excitement of CLASH Wrestling! Be a part of history on FRIDAY-SATURDAY, 6/19-20 in Taylor, MI at TaylorTown Trade Center!

This past weekend saw yet another heated battle between “Ace High” CAMERON SKYY and CLASH Champion DRAGON KREED. As KREED scored another victory against SKYY, it seemed as though SKYY finally would offer his hand in respect. However, DRAGON KREED’s celebration was cut short as TYLER ELKINS surprisingly attacked KREED from behind…and just as SKYY ran in for the rescue, it was nothing more than a bluff as the two (ELKINS & SKYY) brutally attacked KREED aiming for his right shoulder.

DRAGON KREED was escorted to the back and examined and it appears there was a complete tear in his supraspinatus tendon in his right shoulder. KREED is scheduled for surgery on Monday, June 15th and is expected to be out of action for 4-6 months. The biggest questions are yet to be answered… With KREED as current CLASH Champion, what becomes of the CLASH Championship? Also, will SKYY & ELKIN receive any recourse resulting from their actions post-match on KREED? These questions can hopefully be answered by the NPCI Tag Tournament on FRIDAY & SATURDAY, 6/19-20 in Taylor, MI!

If you’ve been following CLASH Wrestling from the beginning, you may know about the H3RD. Best known as one of the most decorated Tag Teams in CLASH Wrestling, comprised of TOMMY TYDIE & J. MILLER – also known as the H3RD – “The Future Of Tag Team Wrestling.” Many may recall that the faction broke apart on 1/10/09 when TYDIE deserted MILLER leaving him on the shelf for 2 months from the hands of The WRECKINGBALL. TYDIE has tried to mend the fence, however MILLER is still on his guard, but on JUNE 19-20TH, the two will attempt to coexist in the chase for the CLASH Tag Team Gold!

THE FRIENDS (GQ ASSASSIN / RAVE KILLBOURN) have a heavy burden to carry as they enter the 2009 NPCI Tag Team Tournament as the defending CLASH Tag Team Champions. A well balanced team since early Summer 2008, THE FRIENDS look to outlast 15 other teams consisting of the toughest competitors from all around the globe in order to retain the CLASH Tag Team Championship. Here is the full list of Tag Teams below:

1. CLASH Tag Team Champions – The Friends: GQ & Rave Killbourn (CLASH)
2. CHIKARA Champeons De Parejas – The Osirian Portal: Ophidian & Amassis (Egypt)
3. Danny Danger & Khameleon w/ Josh Thor (Pennsylvania/CLASH)
4. Will Vendetta & Lance Winston (CLASH)
5. Tyler Elkins & “Ace High” Cameron Skyy (CLASH)
6. Irish Airborne: Dave & Jake Crist (Ohio)
7. CHIKARA’s Frightmare & A Mystery Partner (Parts Unknown)
8. Beauty & The Beast: Ethan Page & NRC (Ontario)
9. In The Crowd: Ace Martino & John E. OC (Chicago)
10. Nightlife: Jack Night & Dave Manzo w/B. (CLASH)
11. Diamond City Kings: Tuck Hanson & Matt Turner (Pennsylvania)
12. Gym Rats: Alex York & “Hacker” Scotty O’Shea (Ontario)
13. Fast & Fabulous: Kristian Frost & Chris Camaro(Conneticut)
14. SR17: Van Envy & Kris Konflict (Ohio)
15. Family Fusion: Keith Calhoun & Jason Collins w/ Mathew Collins (CLASH)
16. H3RD: J. Miller & Tommy Tydie

The Biggest Tag Team Tournament in Michigan begins FRIDAY 6/19 at 8PM and will conclude on SATURDAY, 6/20 at 8pm! Can THE FRIENDS outlast 15 other teams or will we see NEW CLASH Tag Team Champions crowned?

In Other News:

JOSH THOR (Danny Danger’s Tag Partner) has suffered a broken jaw at a recent live event in Pennsylvania and therefore will not be competing with Danny as his partner in the ’09 NPCI. However, THOR will be out there to manage his friend DANNY DANGER as the “Resident Reptile” KHAMELEON has stepped in to be his partner!

Additionally, as seen on 6/6 at FTW: FOR THE WIN following the dastardly attack on Kreed, it will be CAMERON SKYY & TYLER ELKINS teaming together going into the NPCI.

To help ease the burden in this troubled economy, especially here in Michigan, CLASH Wrestling will be running a Summer Special allowing Kids 12 & Under to enjoy the CLASH Experience at a discounted rate of $5! In addition, CLASH WRESTLING is always looking to expand its brand in Michigan and beyond. To do this we need YOU to help us! Accompanied with telling friends and family about your CLASH experience, CLASH releases weekly video media via its YouTube account at WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/CLASHWRESTLING! Create an account, become a subscriber today! Not only does this alert you the minute new media is posted, but by sending us a message of your Subscription Confirmation, you will receive $1 off at any live event! As always, we appreciate your loyalty!

CLASH Wrestling will return to the GAME ON Sports Center in Taylor, MI coming this July. The Game On Center hosted this year’s 2nd Annual Relay For Life Fight Against Cancer will be the home of DOWNRIVER REVOLUTION in late July. More details on signed matches as we draw closer.

For those out in Mt. Clemens, MI – CLASH WRESTLING will make its return in grand fashion this summer on August 22 to the Gibraltar Trade Center in a special Outdoor Pavilion! Details on this Summer Spectacular will begin to be released as we draw closer.

Thanks for reading this week’s News Flash, continue checking CLASHWRESTLING.COM for updates on the 2009 NPCI and we hope to see you on FRIDAY & SATURDAY 6/19-20! Experience the excitement of CLASH WRESTLING and be there to witness the BIGGEST TAG TEAM TOURNAMENT in MICHIGAN!