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CLASH News Flash For June 11, 2010

June 11, 2010 · Print This Article

CLASH News Flash For June 11, 2010: It’s been a few weeks since the last News Flash, and there is much to cover! CLASH Wrestling has had an incredible year so far, and much success from this past month’s dual Relay For Life events along with this past weekend’s CLASH To The Future pt. II event. Let’s get to the recent happenings, but give you some insight on the coming CLASH Wrestling events!


CLASH Wrestling NPCI Tag Tournament

TaylorTown Trade Center
22525 Ecorse Rd.
Taylor, MI 48180

All Ages:
$10 General, $35 4-Pack (Online Presale)
$12 @ Door on Event Day

$18 General, $60 4-Pack (Online Presale)
$12 @ Door on Event Day

This past weekend at CLASH TO THE FUTURE pt. II, “Ace High” Cameron Skyy made a shocking return from his forearm injury he sustained this past April. In a “Back In Time” match, “Swagg Starr” Dave Manzo had to battle his opponent from January 5, 2008; CLASH Wrestling’s first event – which happened to be Cameron Skyy! Skyy went home with the victory that night, but by the nights conclusion, we saw that Dragon Kreed had not forgotten their storied past. Dragon Kreed hit his “Divide & Conquer” lariat on Skyy following Skyy’s revenge on Treznik. This story looks to still be in the development…

What seems to be a trend in the proclaimed “unified by difference” duo; the H3RD have waged war against none other than each other. If you remember, first conflicts in the group was brought on in January 2009 when Tommy Treznik deserted J. Miller allowing his skull to be crushed by The Wreckingball. This year, Treznik is hungry for singles gold; the same singles gold that J.Miller already possesses since defeating him at Age of Allegiance ’10.

This story gets more intertwined as it was Tommy Treznik robbing the gold from an injured Cameron Skyy on this same event, marking the first night the CLASH Championship had ever changed hands twice in one night! To make things more confusing, we now have Dragon Kreed out seeking his revenge on Skyy and wanting his piece of the golden pie. Looks to be a “wait & see” scenario as this plays out…

Ever since GQ’s betrayal on Rave Killbourn back in February this year, the CLASH F aithful have watched their beloved, most decorated Tag Team then known as The Friends, deteriorate to a hatred deeper than any in CLASH. This past weekend on 6/4, The Friends were forced to reunite to take on The Jawbreakers (Danny Danger/Josh Thor); and naturally GQ deserted Killbourn allowing Thor to get the pin. It is yet to be seen if GQ & Rave Killbourn’s names will be entered into this year’s NPCI Tournament.

So, how about the oddly formed duo of “Wreck N Roll?” You have the dominance of the solo Wreckingball plus the cheesy theatrics of “Guitar Hero” Will Vendetta and that equals CLASH Wrestling’s Tag Team Champions. Wreck N Roll managed to defeat Night-Life (Dave Manzo & Jack Night) at Age Of Allegiance in April on a one shot random pairing! Can say anything you want about them, but they carry the gold all Tag Teams are striving for, and will put their cohesive unit to the test at this years NPCI Tag Tournament in July as they are one of the 16 entrants!

Its that time of year again, the 3rd Annual Nicholas P. Clashertone Invitational (NPCI) Tag Tournament where 16 teams will do battle for Tag Team supremacy on Friday & Saturday July 16-17 in Taylor, MI! CLASH is announcing teams left & right on Tuesdays & Fridays over on . Get your tickets at discount price now online to see some of the worlds best teams collide in July!

In Other News:

CHIKARA presents “We Must Eat Michigan’s Brain”
On June 26, 2010 Philadelphia based CHIKARA Pro Wrestling will make its way to Taylor, Michigan for its first time at TaylorTown Trade Center. CLASH Wrestling talent will be present and will open the show with a special showcase of CLASH Wrestling in the form of a Tag Team match. For more information on CHIKARA, visit

CLASH To Be Represented in CHIKARA’s Young Lions Cup – August 2010
This August, a CLASH representative will be selected to compete in CHIKARA’s annual Young Lions Cup in August. This representative will be decided as two candidates will be selected to compete for that right on Day 2 of the NPCI Tag Tournament. More details forthcoming..

Thanks for reading this weeks flash, continue to stay with CLASHWRESTLING.COM for all the latest developments on the 2010 NPCI Tag Tournament!