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CLASH News Flash For July 12, 2011

July 12, 2011 · Print This Article

CLASH News Flash For July 12, 2011: Good day to you all as we’re back with another news flash highlighting the current CLASH happenings and catching you up to speed as we get closer to our 100th Anniversary Celebration on August 6, 2011. Details on the event are listed below; additionally we’re going to recap some of the latest signed attractions for 100 –

Saturday, August 6th, 2011

TaylorTown Trade Center
22525 Ecorse Rd.
Taylor, MI 48180

All Ages: $12 General, Discounts Online
8pm Belltime, Doors open 7:30pm

On August 6, 2011, CLASH Wrestling will host its 100th live event emanating out of the TaylorTown Trade Center in Taylor, MI. The CLASH faithful are accustomed to the annual “Seize The Day” event in January as CLASH Wrestling’s anniversary event, however this 100th milestone is quite a feat, specifically in Michigan. Over the years, CLASH Wrestling has appeared in a variety of Michigan based cities such as Taylor, Dearborn, Livonia, Mt. Clemens, Rockwood, Birch Run, Swartz Creek, and even outside of Michigan in Bloomington, IN. These appearances have included our monthly supershow extravaganzas, festival events, Rock Concert additions, charity events etc! Rest assured, 100 will be a celebration like none other, a party in the name of CLASH with some of the hottest attractions & an innovative presentation of Professional Wrestling that only CLASH is capable of.

With a plethora of Main Event Attractions signed for 8/6; this event has turned into a must-see presentation! In our last news flash, we touched on a possible MOTY 2 (Match Of The Year 2) candidate of CLASH Champion Gavin Quinn vs. Petey Williams for the Heavyweight Championship; additionally the Tag Titles are up for grabs as CLASH Champions H3RD (Tommy Treznik & Ded Vaughn) will defend against the red hot Too Sweet (Bryce Benjamin & Joey Marx)!

Over the weeks, we’ve announced even more blockbuster encounters as the “Man Beast” Rhyno will lock horns with the bare foot brawling “Caveman” Tyler Elkins in a special attraction. Additionally, Elkins’ foe and former friend “Sin City Sparklin” Cameron Skyy will take on the man who eliminated him at the Contenders Cup battle in February – Shark Boy! Both Skyy & Elkins will be looking for that win as the two will meet in September in their final battle, stipulation to be determined.

Jacobs vs. Manix – The list of signed attractions doesn’t stop with the aforementioned matches. ROH & International star Jimmy Jacobs makes his CLASH return after a 5 month absence to take on former H3RD member Austin Manix. Manix has been short with CLASH authorities and in his own world of sorts, it’s to be determined if he’s ready for the challenge that Jacobs offers as Jacobs looks to bounce his way back into the CLASH Championship picture.

Mixed Tag Team Action – Mena Libra has submitted her clearance to compete on 8/6; although the clearance looks to be premature due to her broken foot, the fighting spirit within Libra has pushed for competition and she’ll be joined by the (so it seems) mentor of Cameron Skyy, “Amazing” N8 Mattson. Mattson applauded Libra’s heart following her contest with Skyy on 6/4 and has opted to tag by her side as the two will take on the returning & former H3RD members, The Painkillers (Donnie & Jacob Hallows).

Go Go Power Rangers – The Rangers are back in 6 man Tag action as they’ll now be joined by “self pro-claimed” superhero Marvelocity! The trio will work to tackle down the Sons Of Sanity (William J. O’Malley & Gideon Malice) whom are continuing to spread their message of purity, but this time will debut a new team member; that to which is a surprise to be revealed on 8/6!

Swagg Starr vs. Hakim Zane – The most recent signed bout is between the red-hot “Swagg Starr” Dave Manzo and the returning Hakim Zane. As previously mentioned on CLASHWRESTLING.COM, Zane returns with a new approach & outlook on life and professional wrestling and is poised to make his mark on his CLASH return; however Manzo has been intermittently in & out of CLASH Championship contention and is on a red hot streak, join us on 8/6 to determine the victor.

Wait, there’s more? The answer is YES! The CEO Truth Martini returns to “shake things up” once again with his traditional “spring cleaning;” will someone lose their job?? Also, VH1 Reality Star, Jenny (Rock Of Love Bus) will be joining us with guests to be determined; in addition other recognizable athletes such as TD, “1986 Version” Keith Calhoun, new superstar debuts, and a few more wild surprises we’ll keep to ourselves! (P.S. If you haven’t got the hint…be sure to join us in the fun on 8/6, tickets available now!)

In Other News:

The news broke late last week that you can stay updated on all CLASH happenings via our new CLASH App for Android phones! The app has been submitted to Apple for approval on Iphones with details on the Iphone debut available shortly. In the meantime, download at will –

Both “Age Of Allegiance” and “CLASH To The Future: Part III” titles are aiming for an 8/6 release date on DVD and will be available via CLASHWRESTLING.COM and at merchandise stands at “100.”
That’s all for now, stay with us as details are still forthcoming as we celebrate “100” on August 6th!