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CLASH News Flash For January 30, 2012

January 30, 2012 · Print This Article

CLASH News Flash For January 30, 2012: Huge THANKS to the large attendance that supported CLASH Wrestling for our Anniversary, SEIZE THE DAY V! More thanks attributed to our sponsor, Big League Brews Sports Bar – they kept the after-party rockin’ until 2am following the event. We’ve obviously got a ton to cover so let’s jump right in –

Big League Brews Sports Bar presents
Saturday, February 25th, 2012

TaylorTown Trade Center
22525 Ecorse Rd.
Taylor, MI 48180

All Ages: $12 General @ Door
8pm Bell; Doors @ 7:30pm

We’ve received tons of messages and compliments regarding the stellar main event that closed out SEIZE THE DAY V between Gavin Quinn, Petey Williams, and J. Miller. Already an early MOTY (Match Of The Year) candidate but more importantly it begins a new era…the era of Petey Williams. Petey successfully outlasted both competitors by pinning Gavin Quinn with his signature “Canadian Destroyer” off the top rope ending Quinn’s 15 month reign as champion. What will the era of Petey Williams behold? Gavin Quinn is entitled to a rematch according to his contract, when will this happen? Stay tuned to find out!

Due to a match switch involving the Painkillers (Donnie & Jacob Hallows) getting involved in Zach Gowen & Colt Cabana’s bout; they were subsequently removed from their advertised title opportunity. This gave both H3RD (Tommy Treznik & Ded Vaughn) and Too Sweet (Bryce Benjamin & Joey Marx) better odds to 50/50. In the end, it was H3RD that left victorious making this version of Treznik’s H3RD formula two time tag team champions. Tommy Treznik currently holds the record as most Tag Team title wins (6 occasions) in which looks to be his most successful tag team formula yet with Ded Vaughn. To “Too Sweet’s” credit, its notable to mention that Bryce Benjamin was the first competitor to ever kick out of Treznik’s devastating “Bus Driver” maneuver before finally succumbing to the H3RD.

Although originally advertised as Colt Cabana vs. Zach Gowen; and interruption by The Painkillers resulted in a tag team match giving Cabana & Gowen the victory in Cabana’s debut for CLASH Wrestling. Will we see Colt Cabana again? You can count on it! Colt Cabana received a great reaction from the CLASH faithful, so stay tuned for further talent announcements in our 2012 season.

In a match that had so many emotionally involved, the non-contracted Wreckingball defeated CLASH competitor, “Caveman” Tyler Elkins in a non-sanctioned bout at SEIZE THE DAY V. Hold on, but where do we go from here? Remember, Randy “Wreckingball” Casey is NOT employed by CLASH Wrestling since being released by CEO Truth Martini in April 2011 and reinforced by his right hand man Dragon Greed. So although it’s a win for Wreckingball, this is not a contract back into CLASH Wrestling and on 2/25 he will be purchasing a ticket for general admission should he want to support CLASH. What’s on Elkins’ mind though? He lost to a non-contracted individual certainly damaging some his integrity. What will he have to say? Find out at CONTENDERS CUP on 2/25!

One of the other big moments of SEIZE THE DAY V featured “Amazing” N8 Mattson’s departure from a 15 year in-ring competitor to the business. This moment allowed N8 to talk about what he had accomplished, what’s next, and lastly to pass the torch to those he had been connected with in CLASH – Mena Libra & Cameron Skyy. In the midst of this speech, Cameron Skyy intervened by saying that torch was extinguished just like N8’s career. Skyy brought to attention that he was former three-time CLASH Champion (more than any competitor) and since being “mentored” by N8 Mattson, it has only brought him loss after loss. Skyy stated that 2012 would be a new year with no N8; with that said Cameron Skyy later on went to gain the win over Former WWE Star Jimmy Wang Yang.

For Dragon Greed, the 1%’er, greed certainly is good as money talks. Impromptu, Greed (with his CEO power from Truth Martini) added a special referee of Austin Manix to call his singles bout with “Swagg Starr” Dave Manzo. Needless to say, this handicap aided Greed to victory and is a story we’re certain we haven’t seen the end of yet.

While he’s been on the CLASH roster since our birth on January 5, 2008; Will Vendetta has seen a variety of transformations. Being brought in as an aspiring green-haired independent wrestler, becoming the “Guitar Hero,” then denouncing his name to be referred to as William J. O’Malley; you might ask why back to Will Vendetta? Well, we don’t know either, but what we do know is that is had something to do with “Mad Scientist” Tommy Treznik’s left over elixir for Ded Vaughn made to take Vaughn back to his previous form (more monstrous) for a tag title win. This previous form if drunk by a guy like William J. O’Malley…I think you get where we’re going here. Will Vendetta of old is back, and we’re interested to see what goals he has set!

That’s all for now, we’ll be back frequently updating you on the explosive card we have in store for CONTENDERS CUP on February 25th in Taylor, MI!