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CLASH News Flash For December 2, 2011

December 2, 2011 · Print This Article

CLASH News Flash For December 2nd, 2011: Hey all! What a season finale we had at DIVIDED WE FALL on 11/19! Well, it’s been a bit since we recapped and filled you in so today’s flash will be just that. Let’s get you up to speed for what’s in store on our Anniversary Event, SEIZE THE DAY V –

Big League Brews Sports Bar present
Saturday, January 21st, 2012

TaylorTown Trade Center
22525 Ecorse Rd.
Taylor, MI 48180

All Ages: $12 General; Discounts Online
8pm bell, Doors open @ 7pm

No doubts, Gavin Quinn is the longest reigning CLASH Champion in the history of CLASH Wrestling. He is arguably one of the best in win/loss percentage as his winning streak has been nearly impeccable since separating from Tag Team competition with Rave Killbourn in February 2010. The longest lingering question since Quinn’s title win in November 2010 was and still is – Who can pin Quinn? He stands victorious above competitors such as: Cameron Skyy, X-Pac, Mena Libra, Dave Manzo, Petey Williams, Zach Gowen, Wreckingball and then some.

Insert returning champion “Murderous Monk” J.Miller and Gavin Quinn’s toughest challenge “Maple Leaf Muscle” Petey Williams. Put them together for the main event of SEIZE THE DAY V – you now have yourself a potential match of the year, and a lesser probability of Gavin Quinn’s retention of the gold. What’s more intriguing is how involved all three of these competitors are with one another:

In February, Quinn managed to outlast Petey Williams; once again Williams suffered defeat to Quinn in August. This brought upon J.Miller’s return from injury at 100 on 8/6, as he silenced Quinn with a “Goodbye Tooth” kick. Vengeance was had the following month at ALL OUT WAR! When Quinn rushed the ring and eliminated Miller from the battle royal meant to crown contendership. October brought around similar back-n-forth as Miller succumbed to Petey Williams with the aid of Quinn. Thus, bringing us to present day; the finals of the DIVIDED WE FALL Eliminator Series came down to the three of them. Quinn suffered to defeat via knockout to co-winners Petey Williams and J.Miller giving us this Triple Threat treat at SEIZE THE DAY V!

For “Caveman” Tyler Elkins, knowing that Randal Casey (aka The Wreckingball) is no longer allowed to compete for CLASH Wrestling is simply not good enough. From Ball’s standpoint, he’s swallowed a lot of pride simply attending the live events knowing that he is no longer able to perform. With the CEO Truth Martini’s responsibilities ever-growing; much of his “CEO power” has been bestowed upon his assistant Dragon Greed. On DIVIDED WE FALL, Elkins had convinced Greed to have Casey removed from the building. However, it was in the main event where we saw CLASH mascot “Artie The Wolf” slide in the ring while the referee was distracted; turning out to be the Wreckingball in disguise and aiding in Elkins’ elimination from the “Eliminator Series” main event. We know Elkins wants Casey in the ring but at this point in time, it will not take place in a CLASH ring with a non-contracted competitor.

In the ongoing back and forth between Dragon Greed and “Swagg Starr” Dave Manzo stemming from August 6th at 100 when Greed became Truth Martini’s assistant and powerbombed Manzo; they met one on one at DIVIDED WE FALL! Dave Manzo was able to secure the victory to advance in the Eliminator Series however it was Greed that hit Manzo with a devastating clothesline behind the referee’s back causing his elimination. We know Manzo was enraged in the back, so a rematch between these two sounds pretty well scouted. Only time will tell as we head into SEIZE THE DAY V on January 21st!

Individually, “Amazing” N8 Mattson and “Ace High” Cameron Skyy are two very talented competitors in CLASH Wrestling. N8 Mattson comes from a 15 year background in the business while Cameron Skyy has also made his name surface on multiple radars over his near 5 year term. However, sometimes too many chefs spoil the soup! Mattson has encouraged Skyy of late to re-focus at the title picture and has lent him tips as a mentor would to a student. However, with Skyy’s brash attitude being a former CLASH Champion, he has attempted to heed advice but has stressed he’s his own man. Collaboratively, they’ve suffered a series of losses and the frustration is evident. What looked like it would get physical between the two following their loss at DIVIDED WE FALL; we can note that they haven’t spoken to one another since the event. Where does that leave them for SEIZE THE DAY V? Well, those details are still forthcoming.

That’s it for now, keep your eyes peeled to CLASHWRESTLING.COM has we’ve got tons of updates to push your way including blogs from the competitors involved in SEIZE THE DAY V, stay tuned!