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CLASH News Flash For August 11, 2011

August 11, 2011 · Print This Article

CLASH News Flash For August 11, 2011: Wow, what an event!! From top to bottom, CLASH Wrestling’s 100 was one of the most exciting professional wrestling events ever hosted by CLASH and in Michigan Independent Wrestling history! With a crowd of 750+ deep awaiting a plethora of entertainment that CLASH has set to expect; we have been flooded with emails, Facebook messages, Tweets etc with positive feedback from those who attended our most recent CLASH adventure. A very big THANKS goes out to the CLASH faithful who offer their continued support and to our sponsors that help make it happen – Big League Brews Sports Bar & Warriors 3 Comics & Games! We are in debt for your continued patronage to our product and helping us reach 100 events!

Upcoming Event:
Big League Brews & Warriors 3 Comics & Games Present:
September 3, 2011

TaylorTown Trade Center
22525 Ecorse Rd.
Taylor, MI 48180

All Ages: $12 General, Discounts available online
8pm bell, doors open @ 7:30pm.

Once again, current CLASH Champion “GQ” Gavin Quinn proved to outlast “Maple Leaf Muscle” Petey Williams in a stellar main event attraction this past Saturday Night. The match itself, easily a top MOTY (Match Of The Year) candidate, was a perfect example of the caliber of professional wrestling one can expect at a CLASH Wrestling live event! As Quinn stood victorious, beginning to embark on a now 9 month title reign, he noted that there was nobody left for him to prove himself to until an unexpected surprise walked out… former CLASH Champion, J. Miller! The “Murderous Monk” made his way to the ring and silenced the CLASH Champion with his trademark “Goodbye Tooth” signature kick and covered Quinn while the fans in attendance shouted 1-2-3, signifying victory! What will Quinn have to say about this? Can J. Miller be the one to pin Quinn? This question is now a lingering inquiry that should have more light shed on it at ALL OUT WAR on September 3rd!

Ok, so we went overboard on the excessive “O’s” and “E’s” on Too Sweet, but nevertheless Bryce Benjamin & Joey Marx achieved Tag Team success by reclaiming the CLASH Tag Team Gold from The H3RD (“Mad Scientist” Tommy Treznik & Ded Vaughn) at 100. The win appeared a bit jaded as after the referee was inadvertently knocked down, Treznik grabbed the title for offensive use but ended up accidentally blasting Ded in the skull with the belt, thus aiding Too Sweet in their victory. If you recall, The H3RD’s initial win over Too Sweet was also jaded after being added last minute to a Gauntlet Match by Truth Martini at Age Of Allegiance in April. It would appear we haven’t seen the last of these two teams in action with one another.

Either way, the victory was not only satisfying to Bryce & Joey giving them a 2nd run with the belts, but the attendees lit up as they rushed the ring in celebration! The H3RD are guaranteed a return match against Too Sweet, however on September 3rd, Bryce & Joey will be showcased in Non Title Tag Team action against former members of The H3RD, The Painkillers.

At CLASH Wrestling’s 100th, we learned in Jenny’s “Ring Of Love” that the contract signing between former friends “Sin City Sparklin” Cameron Skyy & “Caveman” Tyler Elkins would take place in the first ever Cage Match in CLASH Wrestling on September 3rd! Skyy & Elkins have been at each other’s throats since Elkins turned his back on Skyy, costing him the CLASH Championship that kickstarted Gavin Quinn’s reign. The two will finally meet for their final encounter in an “Escape-Only” Cage Match; but before the two made the signing iron clad, Elkins requested his signature be etched in stone, literally. This was only a diversion as Elkins used the stone tablet to jab Skyy in the abdomen before his match, then signing the agreement barring any physical contact with one another until ALL OUT WAR.

Skyy still gained a victory against Shark Boy and returned the favor on Elkins later that evening in his bout against Rhyno. Before, Elkins could sink in the “Neander-Claw,” Skyy appeared on the Clashotron distracting the Caveman allowing Rhyno to get the Gore for the win! A feud over a year in the making, who will walk out victorious; will it be a celebration of the stone age, or a jackpot win to the sinful delight? Find out on September 3rd!

Following “Swagg Starr” Dave Manzo’s victory over “American Nightmare” Hakim Zane, the CEO Truth Martini made his way to the ring. During this interruption of Manzo’s victory, Martini laid out that he needed an accomplice as his responsibilities as CLASH CEO are ever growing due to CLASH Wrestling’s rapid expansion. Before Manzo could answer the request, the recently fired Dragon Kreed (who had purchased a ringside seat with the also fired Wreckingball) jumped into the ring and urged Manzo not to take the job. Seconds later, Kreed attacked Manzo and pleaded with the CLASH CEO to hire him back and make Kreed his accomplice. Martini agreed to rehire Kreed, but as of this writing Wreckingball is still unemployed from CLASH Wrestling.

In Other News

We’ve been excited and telling everyone about the official CLASH App for Android phones, however the excitement just got kicked up a notch as on the eve of CLASH Wrestling 100, the CLASH App was made available for iPhone, iPad & iTouch! Apple users, let the fun begin! Download at will:

CLASH Wrestling has partnered with Smart Mark Video on the distribution of various CLASH Wrestling DVD titles at For this month only, you can nab some of your favorite CLASH DVDs at 25% off their regular price as CLASH is listed as the “Promotion Of The Month.” Smart Mark Video is your direct source in the very best of independent wrestling and CLASH is proud to feature our content with them going forward.

Well, that’s it for today. We’ll return as more details are forthcoming as we inch closer to ALL OUT WAR on September 3rd!