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CLASH Insider Previews This Weekend’s Shows

August 5, 2009 · Print This Article

You’re reading the CLASH Insider with me, NPC. I’ve got a busy week ahead of me, so let’s not waste any time and jump right in. This Friday & Saturday night is a huge weekend for everyone at CLASH Wrestling. We’ve got two big shows on the horizon, Friday Night Fury & Fandemonium respectively, and I for one cannot wait! For this week’s column, I thought it would be fun to look ahead and preview this coming weekend.

August 7th marks the return of Friday Night Fury. The show will be capped off with the debut of our latest concept match “The Eliminator.” The Eliminator (if you’re reminded of American Gladiators, then we’ve done our job) will feature 10 men. Eliminations occur by pinfall, submission, or disqualification. There are no countouts in this match, so expect some wild action! Myself & Jeremy Jones have tried to fill the Eliminator with a wide variety of competitors and I feel we’ve done just that.

CLASH favorites Tommy Tydie & J. Miller, along with CLASH not-so favorites Dave Manzo, Jack Night & Tyler Elkins will be joined by CHIKARA’s Create-A-Wrestler and two other men making their CLASH returns in Josh Thor and Steve Brown. Rounding out the field of 10 are two men making their CLASH Wrestling debuts: Mark Angel and Austin Manix. It’s the first Eliminator in history and you should be there! Join us on Friday night to witness all the action!

Earlier today, I recieved a phone call from Zordon, informing me that the Blue Ranger has yet to recover from injuries sustained by Nightlife at Downriver Revolution. Because of this, the intelligent Ranger had to be pulled from Friday’s show. The revised Friday Night Fury card is as follows: CLASH Tag Team Champion GQ Assassin vs. “The Motion Picture” Ethan Page, CLASH Tag Team Champion Rave Killbourn vs. Joey Kings, Holder of the Consolation Prize “Ace High” Cameron Skyy vs. Logan Savage, and Fast & Fabulous vs. the duo of Green Ranger & Will Vendetta.

The next night on Saturday, August 8th, CLASH Wrestling presents our 2nd annual Fandemonium supershow. Fandemonium is the one night where you, the CLASH Wrestling fans, have full control over the show! The power is yours to choose the matches & stipulations! In the main event of the evening, Nightlife will get what’s coming to them when they square off against the H3RD. Choices for this bout include Street Fight, First Blood, and Tornado Tag. I know that Tommy Tydie has gone on record asking the fans to choose Street Fight.

If my vote counted (At Fandemonium, it doesn’t) I would give Tydie what he asked for. CLASH Wrestling has had a number of bloody, wild street fights in the past and it’s been awhile since we saw a good old fashioned brawl. If tables, ladders, and chairs are what you’re interested in, then the Street Fight is for you! Nightlife spoiled by birthday party and Fandemonium will be my revenge!

I’m also very interested in seeing who gets the nod in the Consolation Prize & Tag Team Championship matches. In the Consolation Prize match, options include CLASH’s Khameleon, CHIKARA’s Create-A-Wrestler, and a Mystery Opponent. I’d be excited with any one of the three choices, but I’m intrigued by the Mystery Opponent. Who is this man? The long-awaited CLASH return of Crossfire? Perhaps, it’s me Nicholas P. Clashertone making my in-ring debut! We’ll have to wait until Saturday night for the answer to this question, that is, if the Mystery man gets voted in.

In the Tag Team Championship match, Beauty & The Beast have been running their mouths ever since defeating the Friends in a Non-Title Match at Grappleganza. They feel they deserve a title shot and we’ll have to see if the CLASH fans agree. Other options include the returning Fast & Fabulous and our very own Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. One has to think that Blue Ranger may be just resting for this potential title match at Fandemonium. My vote goes for the Morphin’ ones.

Other notable votables include Tyler Elkins vs. Will Vendetta and Jeremy Jones vs. B. Elkins and Vendetta have been at each others throats ever since Tyler turned his back on the fans earlier this summer. With stipulations like No Holds Barred, Lumberjack, and Strap Match, you know that their rivalry will certainly come to a head at Fandemonium. Speaking of rivalry, Jeremy Jones and B have challenged each other to numerous singing competitions and most recently took part in the worst game of street ball ever witnessed by humanity. Fandemonium they will battle once again, perhaps for the final time, in either a Rock-Off, Arm Wrestling, or a Tuxedo Match. A often wished for CLASH’s first Tuxedo Match, here’s hoping you fans answer my prayers.

Well, thats all for this week. I hope that you all vote early, vote often, and join us on Saturday night. It’s your show, so be there!
Nicholas P.