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CLASH Competitor Announces Retirement

December 16, 2011 · Print This Article

BREAKING NEWS: Within the last 24 hours, CLASH competitor “Amazing” N8 Mattson announced his immediate retirement from professional wrestling. While CLASH fans may be most familiar with Mattson’s work over the past year including his partnership with Cameron Skyy & Mena Libra, “Amazing” N8 leaves behind a storied 15 year career. One must wonder how this will effect Seize The Day V on January 21st. Both CLASH Management and fans were aware of the importance “Amazing” N8 placed on making his debut at CLASH’s Anniversary event. Further, how will this effect Mattson’s recent tag team partner Cameron Skyy? We hope to answer these questions live at Seize The Day V on January 21st, until then read “Amazing” N8 Mattson’s heartfelt retirement blog below:


That’s All Folks!

As I type this out with one hand, I feel the time has come to take a powder from my favorite past-time, Professional Wrestling. My match on Friday December 9th, 2011 against Kid Hybrid will go down as my very last match ever. Even though I was able to secure the win and finish the match with a broken hand, little did I know that I would be calling it quits until this week.

With every injury comes reflection. I think back on all the hard work I’ve put into this over the last 15 years. I look at all the unique personalities I’ve met and the friendships I’ve made. I see all the opportunities I’ve been given, and even those that I’ve missed. In my head I recall the cheers, the boos, the silence (LOL) and to me, the good outweighs the bad.

It’s not that this most recent injury is career-ending, it’s the fact that I’ve had a number of nagging injuries pile up on me. When I was 19 years old, I was a rubber ball, able to bounce around the ring all day. Now nearing 35, my neck, back, shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, ankles and now hand have taken extreme punishment from the rigors of the ring.

This past year has been way too good for me professionally. My favorite matches of late have been some of the best in my career, namely the 3-Way Dance with Zach Gowen & Alex Shelley, my singles matches with Chance Prophet, Jimmy Jacobs, Hybrid and of course the War Machine Rhino. The match I had with Jason Bane at the JT Lightning Memorial show will always be a highlight for me personally as well.

First and foremost, I have to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for giving me the ability and talent to even step through those ropes. I thank my wife Shelly for her support while I was pursuing my life-long dream. I don’t know where I’d be without the support system of my close family and friends.

There are waaaaaay too many people to thank here, but I’ll try. I’ll start with Coach Scott D’Amore, “Irish” Mickey Doyle and Doug “Canadian Destroyer” Chevalier, my trainers at the Can-Am Wrestling School. They molded me into the wrestler I became. I absolutely must thank “Hard Time” Gene Austin, JT Lightning and Dave “Bobby Lee” St. Onge for building my confidence as a young man with big dreams.

Along the way I’ve had the privilege of knowing a cast of characters that I call friends. Guys like Gutter (World’s Worst Tag Team), DBA & the Monroe family (XICW), Jumpin’ Jimmy Jacobs, Zach Gowen, Rhino, Eddie Venom, Jaimy CoxXx, “Death Dealer” Tommy Starr, Bobby Numbers, Breyer Wellington, Bobby Clancy, Mike Kelly, Benjamin Boone (Sons of Michigan), Josh Prohibition, Matt Cross, Jason Bane, Bryan Castle, Greg Iron, Johnny Gargano, Wally & Joe Dombrowski (PWO), Josh Movado & Bubba Mackenzie (IWR/Revolucha), Jeffrey Scott Kavanaugh (Border City Wrestling), Preacher, Brooks, Hybrid, T-D, Monty Brown, Manny, Ric Davies, Pete Christie, Brian Maday (UCW), Colt Cabana, Dan Severn (POG), AT Huck, Jim Hall & Dod March (Marquee/MMWA), Bubba Luscious (Metro Pro), Big Tom (WAR), Dave Martin (PTW), Blue Meanie (3PW), Steve Corino (World-1), Cameron Skyy, Tommy Treznik (CLASH), Phil Monahan (CIW), AJ Styles, George South, Jimi V, Danny Daniels (AAW), Chris Sabin, CK3, BRIAN GORIE and the greatest tag team partner a guy could ever have as the Michigan Invasion, Truth Martini!

A big thank you goes out to WWE, TNA (thank you Jeff Jarrett, Bill Behrens, D’Lo Brown & Jeremy Borash for your kindness), ROH (thank you Jim Cornette for knowing who Amazing N8 is!), OVW (Rip Rogers & Rob Conway), NWA and Dale Gagner’s AWA. Along the way I’ve wrestled legends and world champions, was a Druid at WRESTLEMANIA 23, been seen on TV (Man v. Food, MTV Made) and even featured in a music video. I have met all my heroes including Bret Hart, Shawn Micheals, Ric Flair, Sting, Ricky Steamboat, Nick Bockwinkel and the list goes on.

I know I’m forgetting people, I just want you all to know how much I love you. For every promoter that liked my old school work, for every fan that chanted “Detroit Sucks” or “We H8 N8″, for all the Boys that I’ve had the honor of working with, you are the Amazing Ones. I’m just little ole’ N8, who spent 15 years of my adult life as a Professional Wrestler. How kool is that?

What’s next, you ask? I have been offered a position with PWO Wrestling as a backstage agent and to assist with TV production. CLASH Wrestling has asked me to help out with DVD commentary and stick around as a mentor-type. Metro Pro Wrestling will also be requiring my services also. My in-ring days are over, but I still have much to contribute. I have worked in front of 10 people, as well as 10,000 people. I enjoyed every second of it and I hope you did too. God bless you all, until we meet again.

N8 Mattson

Truth Martini, N8 Mattson, Zach Gowen & Jimmy Jacobs