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CLASH Blog: Wreckingball (10/15/10)

October 15, 2010 · Print This Article

A few days ago, CLASHWRESTLING.COM contacted yours truly and asked me to write a blog about my thoughts on being stripped of the CLASH Tag Team Championship, All Out War and The Future is Unwritten. Next time, if you internet geeks really gave a damn about Wreckingball’s thoughts, you will send a camera crew to my house so I could share them on YouTube! The only blogging Wreckingball does is on his official Twitter account at (Cheap plug, I know). Just this once, Wreckingball will make an exception and blog on CLASHWRESTLING.COM.

First off, let’s talk about Wreckingball being stripped of the belts. Do I miss tagging with that stupid, skinny, cheesy, broken pride having, stringbean Will Vendetta? Will Wreckingball miss that dumb tag team name Wreck N’ Roll? Nope, not one bit. What I do miss is being a CLASH Tag Team champion. Or should I say that I miss that huge championship bonus in my checks? You know, Wreckingball always knew that Will would end up costing us the belts but I never thought that chump would no show and leave me high and dry. Some people say it was my constant insults towards that no tan having idiot that caused him to miss our match. If so, that no talent, green goofball is more stupid than Wreckingball thought.

On to the All Out War match. Wreckingball entered that ring and did exactly what he does best and that is destroy anyone who got in my way. I chucked four pieces of trash over the top rope (before Tommy Treznik and Dragon Kreed did) including my dancing rival Dave Manzo. The numbers game eventually caught up with Wreckingball as the H3RD ganged up and eliminated me. Now I don’t have a problem with the H3RD eliminating me from All Out War. Hell, I think it was a pretty smart strategy for them to all work as one and get me over the top rope. The problem I have with the H3RD is them talking about being the biggest and strongest force in CLASH Wrestling. Wreckingball takes that as an insult. See, everyone knows that I am the biggest and strongest force and if you don’t believe me take a look at my track record. Can anyone name that last time Wreckingball was pinned or submitted? I can, July 2009 and that was only because I broke my damn leg in the match.

I hear the H3RD talk about their big plans and their formulas, well on October 23rd at the Future is Unwritten, Wreckingball has a formula of his own and here it is:

400lbs of Wreckingball + The 2010 NPCI Winners = One hell of a beating for the H3RD

That’s right, Wreckingball will be teaming up with those dancing boys from Illinois, Too Sweet to take on Austin Manix and The Pain Killers. If you ask me, The H3RD better bring their eye liner, their ugly white jumpsuits and some of that elixir that their cult leader Tommy Treznik has been drinking because they’re going to need all the help that they can get. Wreckingball guarantees that he and Too Sweet are going to come out on top and after we win I might have to teach Bryce Benjamin and Joey Marx how to do the “Wreckingball strut.”

See ya on the 23rd