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CLASH Blog: Wreckingball (01/24/11)

January 24, 2011 · Print This Article

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” – George Santayana

They say it takes a big man to admit when he’s wrong. Well, in the world of CLASH Wrestling there is no one bigger than The Wreckingball and I’m not embarrassed to admit that I have made some mistakes during my career. Thankfully, Wreckingball can fix two mistakes in one match, on one night, at Seize The Day IV on January 29th.

Wreckingball Mistake #1: The last time myself & Dragon Kreed tagged together was in December 2008 in a Fatal 4 Way Tag Team Match, and do you know who won that bout? The H3RD. I take full blame for losing. Dragon Kreed had the match won but I was more focused on WreckingBALL instead of WreckingFORCE getting the victory. Tommy Treznik then swooped in and got the pin (while Dragon and I were arguing). That was the end of Wreckingforce.

Wreckingball Mistake #2: Wreckingball has competed at two Seize The Days (STD II vs. Dragon Kreed & STD III vs. J. Miller) and on both occasions I came up short and lost. I made the same mistake in both matches, I underestimated my opponent and they took advantage and got the win. Fun fact, both Dragon Kreed and J. Miller went on to become CLASH Champion just 3 months after beating Wreckingball.

But enough about the past, Wreckingball is here to talk about Seize The Day IV. See, I’ve learned from my mistakes and Wreckingball is not only ready to get his first Seize The Day win, but Wreckingforce is ready to become #1 contenders to the CLASH Tag Team Championship!

Now on to my opponents at Seize The Day IV. In one corner you have the team of William J. O’Malley and Gideon Malice. Ever since leaving me high and dry at All Out War (costing me the Tag Titles) Wreckingball has been waiting to get his hands on O’Malley. I heard that skinny punk say that he carried Wreckingball while tagging as Wreck N’ Roll. Well, I know that’s not true. I mean, look at his arms. There is no way that he could carry an 8 pound bolwing ball let alone a 400 pound Wreckingball!

I never thought I would say this, but I actually miss Will Vendetta. Of course he was really annoying with those dumb green tights and always playing stupid air guitar, but he was nowhere near as annoying as O’Malley with his thrift store suits and “serious” attitude. Tagging with O’Malley is none other than that old guy with the bad eyes, Gideon Malice. Now, Wreckingball knows he can’t take Malice lightly. He has a lot of experience, wisdom and for being as old as dirt, Malice is in great shape. Wreckingball always hears Gideon say that he is wise and knows everything, well if that’s true then he should know that he and O’Malley don’t stand a chance on January 29th!

Across the ring you have the tag team of Victorious Secret. Now, I’ve had my eye on these two guys for quite some time. Don’t let their appearance fool you, these two queens can go! They have a real unique style of offense and they are quickly becoming one of the most popular tag teams on the CLASH roster.

Then you have The H3RD. Myself, Dragon Kreed, Hakeem Zane and “Swagg Star” Dave Manzo have been at war with The H3RD since August and the next battle takes place at Seize The Day IV. Representing The H3RD is Austin Manix and Donnie Hollows. Manix loves to brag about how he has pinned both myself and Dragon Kreed in the past two months. You know what? He’s right. Manix has pinned me once, he’s pinned Kreed once, but ONCE is the key word. I can’t even remember the number of times Dragon and I have beaten Manix, too many to count!

Wreckingball knows it’s The H3RDs plan to win all their matches at Seize The Day but that is not going to happen. Wreckingforce, Zane and Manzo are going to deliver a devastating blow to Tommy Treznik’s “Schematic” and leave The H3RD 0-3 at Seize The Day IV!

On January 29th, WreckingBALL will not repeat history, WreckingFORCE will make history.