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CLASH Blog: William J. O’Malley (08/04/11)

August 4, 2011 · Print This Article

Justice. Truth. Purity. These are three principles that unite myself and Gideon Malice. They are also the same three principles that we have been trying to get you all to understand. Yet, we are still frowned upon and ridiculed by each and every one of you. You call us the outcasts, when in fact it is you who should be outcast from society. The message we try to share with the world is the same message that will eventually save it.

Finally, thankfully, our preaching has not fallen entirely on deaf ears. This Saturday someone will be converted. At CLASH Wrestling 100 the Sons of Sanity will be one person stronger and one person louder. It shall it be a night of celebration! As for those peddling sinners dressed up as super heroes, let them be a warning to the tag teams of the world:

Join us or parish into the Lake of Fire!
William J. O’Malley