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CLASH Blog: Will Vendetta (09/15/10)

September 15, 2010 · Print This Article

Hey everyone, it’s the “Guitar Hero” Willie V baby! On September 17th, myself and Wreckingball are going to have the odds against us. We will go head to head with Dave Manzo & Jack Night: Nightlife. These two men are very strong, very smart, and very technical when it comes to tag team wrestling. Yet even with all of that, Wreck N’ Roll has one thing that Nightlife doesn’t have and that’s the support of all you Rock N Rollin’ CLASH fans. That, and we are the CLASH Tag Team Champions.

I’ve been in the ring numerous times with both Jack Night and Dave Manzo, and I know their weaknesses. With that being said, I will not hesitate to use this knowledge against them in Friday’s Street Fight. It’s no holds barred, no rules, no DQs! This is finally going to give Wreck N’ Roll the chance to take the stage. To shine brighter than ever before; To prove that we are the most dominant tag team in CLASH, despite our differences!

As long as Wreckingball keeps his shirt on and his greasy paws away from bacon cheeseburgers, I don’t think we will have any worries about who’s going to come out on top once again. Because, where there’s a Will, there is most definitely a way! And there is no doubt that Nightlife is going to get WRECKED AND ROLLED!!!!

Will Vendetta