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CLASH Blog: “Caveman” Tyler Elkins (8/23/2010)

August 23, 2010 · Print This Article

Ya know what really pulls my beard? KNUCKLEHEADS! Knuckleheads who say: ” Oh Caveman, it’s too early to come back from knee surgery”. And what really twists my glorious whiskers, is when those same people would question whether or not I’d be able to regain my old form. Well at Grappleganza, in front of countless Cavemaniacs showering me with praise and applause, I proved to all the knuckleheads that the Barefoot Brawler is back and better than ever! BEEEEYAAAAAA!!!! (If you’re still a non-believer in the Cult of Caveman just check out the new “This Month in CLASH” video and look at the sweet, sweet footage of me slapping the Caveman Clutch on THREE consecutive opponents!)

And now that I’m back, I’ve got one thing on my mind………WINNING THE CLASH CHAMPIONSHIP…….AGAIN! I had a taste of that gold not too long ago and it’s STILL lingering on my taste buds! While I was injured, that championship was all i could think about. Like an inextinguishable fire BURNING inside of me. For three months this fire raged while I was forced to watch that belt change hands and be defended. But now, on Friday September 17th at the Taylortown Trade Center, my quest for that fire begins!

At ALL OUT WAR, this 300 pound Grapplesaurous is looking forward to entering the CLASH ring and chucking 19 of the best wrestlers in the country over the top rope and onto their heads to become the #1 contender for that beautiful golden belt! So mark September 17th down in your calendar Cavemaniacs, and every grappler in the nation better FEAR THE BEARD, because at ALL OUT WAR my place in CLASH will be cemented into pre-history. LET’S HEAR IT……FOR MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Caveman” Tyler Elkins