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CLASH Blog: Tyler Elkins & Cameron Skyy (09/01/11)

September 1, 2011 · Print This Article

The last blog that I wrote, I spoke at length about destiny and how it was destiny that brought Rhyno to the Taylor Town Tradecenter for CLASH 100, how it was destiny that the Caveman would slay the Manbeast. Well Cameron Skyy decided that instead of letting the cosmic narrative unfold he would put his stupid nose where it didn’t belong! Just as I had victory in my hands, just as the Neanderclaw was about to suck the life out of Rhyno, Cameron Skyy’s disgusting face popped onto the Clashotron! His big ugly head was so grotesque that it couldn’t help but hold my attention long enough for my prey to recover and hit me with the Gore!

At first, I was angrier than a Tyrannosaurus at a salad bar, but now I can see that the Caveman and Cameron’s DESTINY hasn’t been realized. I sat in my cave in the Prehistoric Forrest and noticed that our story was scrawled on the wall half finished. There is no ending.

But this Saturday September 3rd, in the Barefoot Brawler’s cave away from cave, the Taylor Town Tradecenter, there WILL be an ending! A brutal and unhappy ending for Sin City Sparklin! There is no doubt that Cameron is one of the toughest wrestlers in the country, maybe to ever step inside the CLASH ring. His ability to absorb punishment and his inextinguishable fire that burns for victory is admirable. But I’ve stalked the supercontinent! Mauled Mammoths! Slaughtered Smilodons! In the first cage match in CLASH history, Cameron will be locked inside with not a man, but a feral animal. This is the only way our destinies can be realized.

On Saturday, Cameron Skyy will once and for all FEAR THE BEARD!
“Caveman” Tyler Elkins

All words have been spoken. On Saturday night it comes down to two men, each without a win over the other. Time to ante up in a winner take all environment. Through my travels, I’ve been in some “hairy” situations, but in the end I’ve walked away better than before with the experience behind me. Tyler Elkins, I am more focused than ever. You have been (and still are) the hairy situation that stands in my past. I’m on top of my game and ready to light the spark that’ll extinguish your Caveman flame permanently.

Saturday absolutely will be an “All Out War” and a Steel Cage is our stage. Like many attractions that attempt to lure you in on the Vegas Strip, I implore everyone to join me at the TaylorTown Trade Center for this “must-see” attraction! Anything can and will happen inside the Steel Cage, and I will do anything, at any cost, to put on a show exceeding your expectations!

As for Tyler Elkins, your primitive methodology to success will be left nothing more than a heap of ashes and burnt beard hair after the bright lights of Sin City Sparklin burn through you.

Deal Me In, To Victory!
Cameron Skyy