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CLASH Blog: Tag Team Champion Joey Marx (10/18/11)

October 18, 2011 · Print This Article

Yo CLASH fans it’s ya boy, one half of the CLASH Tag Champs and TOO SWEET member Joey Marx! Man, do I have stuff on my mind… like CLASH From The Crypt on Saturday! It’s a big show for Bryce and I not only because it’s CLASH From The Crypt, but it’s the 2011 NPCI Tag Team Tournament.

The NPCI is a big deal to Too Sweet, it’s where we made our CLASH Wrestling debut! We defeated a lot of great teams and won the whole thing, earning us our CLASH Wrestling contracts. I keep asking myself, “Will there be a repeat of what happened last year at the NPCI? Can Too Sweet win the whole tournament again?” We’re gonna do our best but to find out you gotta be there to watch us go for NPCI victory #2! After Saturday, everyone is gonna have to start calling us not TOO SWEET, BUT TWO SWEET!

Joey Marx