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CLASH Blog: “Swagg Starr” Dave Manzo (9/30/10)

September 30, 2010 · Print This Article

Wat it iz? All u hataz out therre prolly luv wat happened at All Out War 2 yo’s truely. Yeeeaaah yeah, Nightlife is no long-uh togetha n I didnt become #1 contenda, but come October 23, it will b a fresh start fo da 1 n only Swagg E. Fresh. Truth Martini firin Jack Night was a blessin in disguise in my eyez, n now dat I’m on my own shawtyz, I have a new agenda, n dat is 2 go str8 2 da top in singles competition herre in CLASH Wrestling, ya heard me?

Therre r tons uv talented homies round herre, but the fact uv da matta iz, Dave Manzo has everything it takes to run this ish. Aside from my hella good looks, unlimited skill, and un-godly charisma, I got da 1 thing dat no 1 else in dis bin-iz has….n dats “Ultimate Swagg”!!! So anyone dat wanna step up 2 da plate n step up dey “Swagg”, come try me pot-nuh!

Az fo “Da Future Iz Unwritten” I’m not scheduled 2 compete in a match, but I am gonna be involved in a costume contest dats goin down on dat evenin. U betta believe the Swagg Starr will get my shine on n win dat contest homie! This show iz a perfect opportunity fo da Swagg Starr 2 step up my game 2 anutha level, n 1 way o anutha I’m gonna buss thru this company and teach these hataz wat it iz to be Top Notch!

Swagg Starr