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CLASH Blog: “Sin City Sparklin” Cameron Skyy (03/24/11)

March 24, 2011 · Print This Article

January 29th, our battle received a “count-out” finish. Now, a count out might be credible if I’m entertained by a computer game of Zynga Poker, but in the instance of a bout with the “Bare Foot Dum-Dum” Tyler Elkins, it doesn’t sit well. February 26th, both of our efforts are squashed in becoming #1 contender by each other at Contenders Cup. March 26th, I will emerge victorious and soak in that good feeling as I stand above you, where I’ll always remain.

Cameron Skyy

You see, there’s a part of the “Ace High” you have yet to uncover, a part you have yet to expose. There’s a “Vegas Bad Guy” that exists underneath that lights the spark on the Sin City Strip with his energy & invincibility! The same spark that lights your cave fires, and the same spark that earned you your spot in CLASH Wrestling. Until 3/26, you do what you do, burrow in your cave and communicate with your other Neanderthal friends because I will be the one to lay out that fire, put out that spark, and send you back to extinction.

“Sin City Sparklin”
Cameron Skyy