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CLASH Blog: Professor Mathew Priest (04/17/12)

April 17, 2012 · Print This Article

Today’s lesson ladies and gentlemen will evolve around the word inaugural. The word inaugural has a definition as the marking of the beginning of. The inaugural word in this internet article is Today’s. I made my inaugural appearance several weeks back for the professional wrestling league known as CLASH Wrestling. The directorates contacted me and asked before my next advent to compose several paragraphs so asthmatic simpletons can get a better understanding of who I am. This is insulting to my countenance as I’ve already stated that I am a man of class, cunning and confidence. I am a proponent in studying the human anatomy. I spend hours cogitating the make up of bones, joints, tissues, tendons, muscles, ligaments, nerves, organs, and cartilage. I need not explain more.

Plebeians, as you translate my scribing and comprehend the education you receive in my mere presence, please do not ask me to repeat myself. I am a very busy man teaching the complexity of the human anatomy to those in search of education. Inquisitive minds are rare to come by. Two hundred and six bones make up their skeletal frame but the organ between their ears, known as the brain is what controls those bones. The brain is the most impressive organ as it allows you the ability to understand and reason.

For example; acumen suggests that keenness relates to a person’s mind, whereas acuity suggests that it relates to a person’s performance; acumen is something that a person has, whereas acuity is something that a person displays. My acuity is my vast knowledge of the lynchpin to a walking being is in either of their bipedal stabilizers. Twenty six bones and thirty joints make up the human foot. That is thirty joints that can be manipulated. The Achilles heel is adjacent to my discovery of the lynchpin in anatomy and shock absorbers in the makeup of the plantar area are perceived most vulnerable in my findings. While one hundred and twenty three known ligaments are contained under the flesh and run through one’s metacarpal bones my colleague Mr. Mattson did sustain damage to that area. If a surgery was performed, anywhere from eight to twenty seven of those ligaments could’ve been severed upon entry. What an amazing thing the hand is and allows one to do. You can write, draw, feed, build, type and tear.

Observers my World Wide Web notepad is upon conclusion as someone you are very familiar with has summoned me for more knowledge. I cannot divulge anymore information at this time. If you are not studying hard, you are not studying at all.

Professor Mathew Priest