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CLASH Blog: Pain Killers (8/26/2010)

August 26, 2010 · Print This Article

When asked to write a blog for CLASHWRESTLING.COM, the Pain Killers of Donnie & Jacob Hallows responded that they didn’t own a computer, nor have they ever used one. Thus, we conducted an interview with the interesting, eccentric duo. Read the dialogue below to get a peak into the psyche of CLASH Wrestling’s newest tag team.

DotCom: I’m here today with one of CLASH Wrestling’s hot new tag…


Donnie: Hahaha it’s SO HOT! Hahaha

Jacob: Shut UP Donnie!

At this point, Jacob pushed Donnie to the floor.

Donnie: Ooowwwww….Sorry!

DotCom: Well I’m here with the Pain Killers, Jacob and Donnie Hollows. Now you two are new comers here in CLASH Wrestling but already you’ve made quite an impact by aligning yourselves with Tommy Treznik…


DotCom: You’ve joined…


Jacob: Donnie! SHUT UP!

DotCom: Now you’ve joined Treznik and become the newest members of his group known as The H3RD.

Donnie: Treznik knows! He knows!

DotCom: What does he know?

Jacob: Everything! Thomas knows EVERYTHING!

Donnie: And he’ll show us! He’ll show us what he knows! As soon as he gets what he needs!

DotCom: What do you mean? What does he need?

Jacob: The power! And he’ll have it soon! He’ll win the All Out War match and become the most powerful man in the world!

Donnie: Then he’ll show us! Then we’ll know!

Jacob: Shut up Donnie! I’m gonna talk! Not you! At All Out War, we’ll make sure Thomas wins the All Out War match! Then we’ll finally know!

Donnie: We’ll know EVERYTHING! Mr. Scientist will tell us his secrets!

Jacob: And when he has the power, he’ll give us what we need! He’ll give us the power! And he’ll give us Too Sweet!

Donnie: Too Sweet!

Jacob: We’ll destroy Too Sweet! And when we’re finished and those losers…

Donnie: Those FREAKS!

Jacob: SHUT UP DONNIE! When we’ve finally ended them everyone will know that we are not the freaks! We’ll show you all! We’ll show everyone that Too Sweet are nothing but freak shows and we are the most powerful tag team in the world!

Donnie: We’ll have the power!

Jacob: The Pain Killers will have the power! Treznik will have the power! The H3RD will have the power! And all of you will finally see the truth! You’re the freaks! Not us!

Donnie: We’re not the FREAKS!