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CLASH Blog: Nevaeh (8/30/2010)

August 30, 2010 · Print This Article

September 17th is going to be yet another victorious day for Nevaeh. As all of you know I will be wrestling Mena Libra yet again. Mena and I have been wrestling all over the midwest as of late and I have come out on top just about every single time. As far as CLASH goes I’m undefeated and I for sure plan to keep it that way.

So why should I even waste my time by gracing all of you with my presence? Simply for the fact that I LOVE being the best at what I do and anytime I can show off my raw talent, you had better believe I will be there to do it. I will win by any means necessary. It’s simply what I do.

Keep in mind that Mena is a new to this business so I am doing her quite the favor by letting her get in the ring with me (not that she has been able to keep up). Just by letting her stand across the ring from such a well traveled talent like myself is an honor for her. Wrestling me is simply the highlight of her career. How could it not be, right? So just like at CLASH To The Future and the NPCI, come All Out War, I will chalk up another win against Mena Libra.

See you all there, because I know I’m like an addiction.. you just can’t get enough of me!