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CLASH Blog: “Mad Scientist” Tommy Treznik (12/17/10)

December 17, 2010 · Print This Article

In a age where statuses, tweets and surveys (remember those?) allow one to express oneself more than ever before, it’s an absolute shame that your Mad Scientist has been unable to share more of himself. For this reason, once a season, I sign into my Formspring account, patiently waiting to be asked thought-provoking, meaningful questions.

Surely, someone wishes to know my favorite field of science! My favorite quote! Are there not a few who’d like to learn more concerning my becoming a doctor? At the very least, more about my H3RD Schematic!?!

I now know that these topics are of no importance to the hopeless masses. Really, it’s for the better. To think that I, Tommy Treznik, could gain anything by conversing with one of my readers! A discussion with one of you would prove as eventful as J. Miller’s CLASH Championship reign (Where’s the Murderous Monk at now? Exactly!). Your Mad Scientist is an inquisitive person with an insatiable need for FACTS, FIGURES & FUNCTIONS! When Tommy Treznik is met with something or someone unfamiliar, he makes it a point to absorb every ounce of knowledge concerning the subject. While others subscribe to the notion that “Ignorance is Bliss,” this Scientist researches, experiments and LEARNS ALL THAT NEEDS TO BE LEARNED!

For three months, a masked man terrorized CLASH Wrestling, attacking competitors at will. Ninety days after his first appearance, not one wrestler, one fan, or one member of CLASH Wrestling management had learned anything about him. If this does not exemplify your incognizance, perhaps you are the victim of a Bus Driver and not of sound mind!

When I returned home the night of November 20th, I immediately focused my studies on the aforementioned masked brute. I had felt his power first hand and realized the monster made greater an ally than enemy. Within 24 hours, I had learned all I needed to know about Ded Vaughn.

Like an adopted son, I shall teach Vaughn all my secrets! Those foolish enough to question his ability, ask Dave Manzo how he felt after Ded’s attack on Friday night! In I, Vaughn has a gifted professor with a PHD in PGD! In Vaughn, I have the final variable in my H3RD Schematic, an instrument of destruction with EXPONENTIAL POTENTIAL!

“Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.” – Benjamin Franklin
Tommy Treznik