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CLASH Blog: “Mad Scientist” Tommy Treznik (11/15/10)

November 15, 2010 · Print This Article

It has been said that man, at his core, is inherently flawed. In fact, years of research by countless experts strengthen this argument. Your Mad Scientist has done work of his own concerning this subject and my research points to a similar conclusion. Thus, it is with this thought process in mind that I, Tommy Treznik, shall hypothesize that the most flawed of all men is a competitor of CLASH Wrestling.

Some men play the odds and allow luck to guide them (Cameron Skyy). Others allow pride to keep them from realizing their true potential (Dragon Kreed). Yet perhaps worst of all is he who mistakes delusion for reality (Dave Manzo).

Uneducated, urban and obnoxious as he is, myself and the “Swagg Starr” coexisted with little problem for the past three years. That is, until October 23rd, when Manzo stole my elixir and drank it down as if it were a mouthful of purple drink. To make matters worse, Manzo has been telling everyone within earshot that my elixir has given him Super Strength. His assertion, I attest, is simply impossible!

Elixir #GOO2384 works only on Tommy Treznik! Not Austin Manix! Not Donnie & Jacob Hallows! Most certainly not Dave Manzo! An immeasurable amount of sleepless nights were spent on my behalf, calculating, experimenting, ensuring that certain elixirs could only be used by their creator! Such is the case of #GOO2384!

Man is inherently flawed. He lies and twists the truth. He steals. Worst of all he questions my genius and proposes that I, of all people, am capable of making a miscalculation!

Suggesting so will prove to be Manzo’s greatest flaw,
Tommy Treznik