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CLASH Blog: “Mad Scientist” Tommy Treznik (10/06/10)

October 6, 2010 · Print This Article

It’s October, your favorite’s favorite time of the year! Even as a young inventor, I’ve always enjoyed the fall. Fallen leaves, cool weather, ghouls, ghosts, what’s not to love about autumn? It’s from this thought process that I, Tommy Treznik, hypothesize that a pleased (dare I say happy?) scientist makes for a successful, productive scientist.

Facts don’t lie. Most of my greatest professional successes have taken place in the months of September, October & November. The fall has brought me two CLASH Tag Team Championship reigns and countless victories. Personally, I find it easiest to work in the months after the autumnal equinox. Longer nights make for more time to research, more time to experiment, MORE TIME TO CREATE!

Thoughts of monsters and elixirs dance around my cerebrum. Black Sails in the Sunset, my personal soundtrack of the season, plays in the background. My laboratory has been incredibly busy these past two months. Formulas have been formulated, equations calculated, elixirs invented, all in preparation for my “H3RD Schematic.”

The purpose of this fall is to ensure that by winter “The Mad Scientist of Maneuvers” Tommy Treznik is the CLASH Champion. All Out War seemed the quickest route to accomplishing this goal, as it’s winner received an automatic CLASH Championship Match.

Unfortunately at All Out War, things as they say, “did not go according to plan.” Despite crafting an ultimate endurance elixir (which worked, I lasted over 58 minutes, an All Out War record), despite throwing out a match-high 4 competitors (also a record), and despite having the assistance of The H3RD, I did not walk out of All Out War victorious.

For this I blame one man and you don’t have to be a scientist such as myself to know who I’m referring to. This man exhibits unprecedented strength and unmatched power. He was the independent variable in my All Out War experiment. Under my rule, he will be the manipulated variable. On October 23rd, I take the first step in acquiring my newest “th3rd” and the final follower needed to implement my “H3RD Schematic.”

Believe me when I say it’ll happen, it’s my time of the year.
Tommy Treznik