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CLASH Blog: “Mad Scientist” Tommy Treznik (08/30/11)

August 30, 2011 · Print This Article


To most, eighteen is just a number: one more than seventeen, one less than nineteen. To your Mad Scientist, eighteen is significant for a number of reasons. Eighteen is a composite number. Eighteen is a semiperfect number. Eighteen is the atomic number of Argon. Eighteen, aside from zero, is the only number that equals twice the sum of its decimal digits. Yet none of the aformentioned reasons is the cause for my eighteen month obession with the number eighteen!

Eighteen months ago, your Mad Scientist did what his FORMER (all caps for EXTRA EMPHASIS!) friend and tag team partner J. Miller could not, that is wrestle a one-armed man. At the time, this one-armed man happened to be the CLASH Champion; when I defeated him, I became CLASH Champion. That was eighteen months ago.

What should have been the crowning achievement of my professional career (the creation of Ded Vaughn now holds this distinction) is now nothing more than a fleeting memory! Eighteen months ago I was CLASH Champion for eighteen minutes. EIGHTEEN MINUTES! Taken away from me by my FORMER friend and tag team partner!

This Saturday I end my obession with the number eighteen. After I win All Out War, I will become the #1 Contender, guaranteeing my opportunity to once again become CLASH Champion. I’ve spent the past month in my laboratory EXPERIMENTING, HYPOTHESIZING & CONCOCTING! I can assure everyone that Ded Vaughn will be at his most vicious on Saturday night! My monster shall undoubtedly lay waste to all those foolish enough to test him, leaving behind a clear path to victory for his CREATOR & MAD SCIENTIST!

I find it fitting that my FORMER friend will be there to witness it all!
Tommy Treznik