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CLASH Blog: “Mad Scientist” Tommy Treznik (03/04/11)

March 4, 2011 · Print This Article

In fifteen days when CLASH Wrestling holds it’s first ever event outside of Michigan, residents of another state, Indiana to be exact, will see first hand the talents of the competitors of CLASH Wrestling.

Cameron Skyy. Mena Libra. Too Sweet. CLASH Champion Gavin Quinn. All talented and worthy of representing CLASH Wrestling on our maiden voyage into the Hoosier state. Yet, I shall hypothesize that there exists NO LIVING BEING more deserving to stand at the helm of the CLASH ship on March 19th than your Mad Scientist Tommy Treznik!

Why? FACTS DO NOT LIE! In my research I’ve found that “To Infinity & Beyond” will mark the 92nd event held by CLASH Wrestling in the past three years. In those ninety-two events only ONE COMPETITOR, only ONE PERSON, only TOMMY TREZNIK has attended (better yet WRESTLED ON) every single event, unwavering for for the past 1154 DAYS!

Who better to keep CLASH on course than yours truly? A MAN’S MAN and a SCIENTIST’S SCIENTIST who has wrestled more bouts, sacrificed more time, and spent more hours thinking about CLASH Wrestling than ANY OTHER IN EXISTENCE!

To suggest that “To Infinity & Beyond” is an important event is an understatement. The opportunity to make a first impression, it has been said, exists only once. With that in mind, this Mad Scientist shall graciously and deservedly lead NOT ONLY MY H3RD, BUT ALL OF CLASH WRESTLING into uncharted waters on March 19th!

All hands on deck!
“Captain” Tommy Treznik