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CLASH Blog: “Mad Scientist” Tommy Treznik (01/24/11)

January 24, 2011 · Print This Article

It has been discussed in previous correspondence that autumn is the favorite season of your Mad Scientist. Why? “Longer nights make for more time to research, more time to experiment, MORE TIME TO CREATE!” I’ve been quoted.

Knowing this, an inquisitive mind could then hypothesize that if Tommy Treznik favors autumn because it’s longer nights allow more time to research, create and experiment, then he shall enjoy winter moreso, for the reason that it’s day is most dark.

A sound hypothesis? Without question. Probable? Yes. Possible? Double yes. Despite this, our aforementioned hypothesis is far from true, in fact Tommy Treznik hates winter! Why?

Quite simply, your Mad Scientist loathes Seize The Day! Rare is the occasion that Tommy Treznik allows one singular event to shape his thoughts on an entire season, but Seize The Day is the exception to the rule!

Despite sharing the same month of birth as CLASH Wrestling’s annual event, Tommy Treznik has little reason to celebrate come January when Seize The Day rolls around. One needs to look no further than history books for his reasoning!

Seize The Day I, Tommy Treznik is pinned by Cameron Skyy and loses a CLASH Championship Match. Seize The Day II, Tommy Treznik is pinned by Gavin Quinn and loses a CLASH Tag Team Championship Match. Seize The Day III, Tommy Treznik is pinned by Tyler Elkins and loses a CLASH Championship Match. In conclusion, Tommy Treznik has NEVER SEIZED THE DAY AT SEIZE THE DAY!

Thankfully, Tommy Treznik has evolved – SMARTER, STRONGER, SUPERIOR IN EVERY WAY IMAGINABLE! The unsuccessful and directionless man I once was no longer exists! Standing in his wake is A VISIONARY! AN INVENTOR! A SCIENTIST!

At the Seize The Day IV, I shall ascend a ladder, retrieve my antidote and pour it down Dave Manzo’s throat. As it’s contents coarse through Dave Manzo’s veins, any semblance of “super strength” will be washed away from his body! In that moment, so will wash away any memory of the unsuccessful man I once was! On January 29th, all will be in agreement that the “Mad Scientist” Tommy Treznik UNQUESTIONABLY AND UNEQUIVOCALLY did exactly what he set out to do, that is SEIZE THE DAY!

Perhaps then, I shall look at winter differently.
Tommy Treznik