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CLASH Blog: Jimmy Jacobs (9/07/10)

September 7, 2010 · Print This Article

I’m not even sure this is going to be fair. September 17, Taylor, MI. The All Out War Match. Twenty men that pride themselves as being professional wrestlers competing to be the number one contender to the CLASH Championship.

For 19 of these men, it will be one of the biggest matches of their careers, but not for Jimmy Jacobs. As big as the All Out War Match is, I’ve been is so many big, marque, high pressure, high stakes matches that I’ll win All Out War in my sleep.

While everyone else goes into this match nervous and anxious, I go into this match with an unparalleled calmness and confidence because I am that sure of my ability and my experience. If you think that sounds cocky, YouTube me, Google me, Myspace me, Facebook me, Twitter me and see for yourself. I have main evented professional wrestling cards from Tokyo to London, from coast to coast, LA to New York City. I’ve wrestled on WWE Smackdown, MTV, Spike TV, International TV, and Pay Per View. Winning All Out War will be just another footnote on my professional resume.

Luckily, the 19 other All Our War competitors have nothing to fear. On September 17th, they will walk into All Out War with nothing and they will leave with nothing. In fact, the man that has the most to fear isn’t even in the match. The CLASH Champion J. Miller better hope I have an off day. He better hope I come down with AIDS or Cancer before September 17th. He better hope God shuts down highway 94. He better hope for a miracle. Because short of that, he’s walking away from All Out War with a ticking time bomb on his CLASH Championship reign.

The countdown begins when the All Out War Match ends.

Tick tock,
Jimmy Jacobs