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CLASH Blog: Hakeem Zane (12/01/10)

December 1, 2010 · Print This Article

You know, I consider myself a student of the game. I’m constantly studying matches of the best wrestlers from around the world. That’s how I came upon CLASH Wrestling. I said to myself “Hakeem, if you wanna be the best, you have to beat the best.” I knew that I had to get into CLASH and test myself against it’s high caliber athletes. I did just that, but thus far, things haven’t been going as well as I had hoped for. My first outing was in Six Way Fray at All Out War against “The Mad Scientist” Tommy Treznik, Austin Manix, ‘Ace High” Cameron Skyy, “Mr 450” Hammett, and the “Caveman” Tyler Elkins. I knew right away that I was in there with some talented competitors, but I got the vibe from Treznik and Manix that they were dangerous. I had no idea until later on that night.

In the All Out War Match, I saw the entire H3RD working as a unit and I knew that they would be the most trouble. As soon as my music hit I blazed to the ring, which was a mistake on my part. I went right after them and soon found myself outnumbered, outgunned, and took a serious beat down. Now granted, I realize in this sport you take your losses and you live to fight another day, but that’s not what The H3RD had in store. No, instead of just tossing me over the top rope each member of the H3RD lifted me high above their heads (probably about 10 or 15 from the concrete floor) then launched me over the top rope. Not to get me out of the ring, but to get me out of this sport. The H3RD probably didn’t give two thoughts about it, they probably didn’t think or care about any repercussions. Well, Hakeem Zane is not just some chump you can walk all over and be on your way.

You can knock me down and I’ll get right back up, a littler tougher and smarter each time. I’m all about sportsmanship and the thrill of competition, but if you wanna get nasty, or a little dirty, then good because I can get just as crazy! I am INTENSITY PERSONIFIED and when I’m ready to throw down you’re going to know that you’ve been in a fight. When I heard that Manzo, Kreed and Wreckingball needed a fourth man for Merry CLASHmas, I volunteered my services right away. I’ve been waiting a long time to get my hands on each member of The H3RD and there’s no better time than December 10th.

You boys should’ve finished the job at All Out War, because now it’s my turn.
Hakeem Zane