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CLASH Blog: Gavin Quinn (9/09/10)

September 9, 2010 · Print This Article

Alright people, ready? I’m giving you all an insider tip that is going to get you all out of the brick boxes you call houses, and into…well… maybe… a nice apartment in Taylor? Yikes.

ANYWAYS! Call your bookies, tell them you want your whooooole Burger King check riding on that on September 17th, Gavin Quinn will be the NEW NUMBER ONE CONTENDER, and winner of the “2010 All Out War” match!

“Gavin, I know how absolutely AMAZING you are and all, but how are you so sure you can throw 19 other men over the top rope without your feet hitting the floor??”

That’s what your all thinking, huh?… Well mongloids, I don’t have to eliminate 19 other men. Maybe I’ll let Dragon Kreed eliminate about 10 jabroni’s, before i dump his big ass to the floor! Maybe ill join Treznik and his lackey’s for a hot minute, then let those psycho’s eliminate each other!…or maybe even themselves?! Or maybe…JUST maybe…I’ll climb through those ropes at whatever number they give me, and dismantle EVERYONE in my path! We all know I’m damn sure capable!

However i decide to win is irrelavent. I will be the #1 contender.

Bet on that.
Gavin Quinn