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CLASH Blog: Costume Contest Competitors (10/20/10)

October 20, 2010 · Print This Article

This Saturday at The Future Is Unwritten, a total of 8 CLASH competitors and personalities will compete in the first ever CLASH Costume Contest. The contest, hosted by Truth Martini, promises to be something you do not want to miss! For this CLASH Blog, we’ve asked 7 of the 8 competitors their thoughts going into Saturday’s contest.

This Saturday, your own ring announcer B. is scheduled to compete against several other CLASH competitors and personalities. No, not in a Gauntlet Match or any other type of contest that showcases physicality (thank management for that! PHEW…), but in a good old fashioned Costume Contest! Sadly, I refuse to spoil my costume simply because I want you all to be surprised. While the winner’s prize is a mystery, I am confident that I will walk out of the contest victorious!

Blue Ranger
A win in Saturday’s Costume Contest would be one of the crowning achievements of my CLASH career. For the past month, I’ve been racking my brain trying to come up with the best costume possible. Thankfully, with the assistance of Zordon and Alpha 5, I’m pretty sure I’ve done just that! Let’s just say that I plan to put the “B” in Blue Ranger!

Corky Robinson
CLASH Wrestling fans are used to seeing me in stripes and this Saturday will be no exception. At The Future Is Unwritten, I hope to walk out the contest winner with the best cos-TUUUUUUUUUU-me!

“Swagg Starr” Dave Manzo
Wat up folk? da costume contest iz only dayz away n u kno dat Mick Swagga iz ready 2 go n ready 2 win dis ish. U gotz ta wait n see wat da Swagg Starr ‘gon b but best believe my costume will b fulla flava, YA DIGG!!!

Jeremy Jones
Hello everyone, former CLASH CEO Jeremy Jones here! Yes, it is truly me and I am happy to announce that I will be participating in this year’s CLASH Costume Contest! It’s been a year since I’ve appeared at a CLASH Wrestling event and to say I’m excited for The Future Is Unwritten is an understatement. I hope to see everyone there, rest assured you will certainly see me!

John Striker
It’s a me, John Striker, and I’m going to set a new high score in the CLASH Costume Contest this Saturday night at The Future Is Unwritten. Look for me to stomp on the heads of all the other competitors and scale the flagpole straight to the top!

Mena Libra
While I love Halloween, it wasn’t until I heard that CLASH CEO Truth Martini was hosting the contest did I want to enter. Truth Martini has made it known to everyone that I do not have his respect, well this Saturday at The Future Is Unwritten, I promise that everyone will see a new side of our CLASH CEO when Mena Libra wins the CLASH Costume Contest!