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CLASH Blog: CLASH Champion Gavin Quinn (08/01/11)

August 1, 2011 · Print This Article

I have beaten so many challengers in the past year that names get blurred and every face looks eerily similar. Many men (and even a woman) stared into these eyes from across the squared circle, yet I couldn’t tell you how I defeated any of them. Details are irrelevant to me, because every win looks the same. Different opponents, same result.

But there is one opponent I remember in particular. One man who took me to my absolute limit, and had me as close to my heels as I have ever felt in my life. That man was Petey Williams, my opponent on August 6th.

Any other man would be scared to get in the ring with a world class athlete like “Maple Leaf Muscle.” Any other man would be spending their last few days before the biggest match of their life HOPING for the best. I am clearly no ordinary man. My next few days will be spent like last 1,000. In the gym, in the film room, and in some lucky lady’s bedroom. I don’t HOPE for anything. I don’t WISH for the best. I’m the best because my preparations lead me to greatness, and my will to win is as strong as my will to breathe. My life revolves around winning, and I have never wanted to win more than on August 6th.

I know Petey’s game plan. I know exactly what he wants to do to win this match, and I can NOT let it happen. I can NOT lose my belt….I can NOT let him hit the Canadian Destroyer. Here’s to HOPING you bring a different game plan Petey, and WISHING for the best.

Your Champion today and on August 7th,
Gavin Quinn