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CLASH Blog: CLASH Champion Gavin Quinn (02/17/11)

February 17, 2011 · Print This Article

January 29th was a night I will never forget. Unfortunately for a lot of you, you just may have missed it. If you weren’t in attendance for Seize The Day IV, or as i call it “THE GAVIN QUINN SHOWCASE 4,” you just are as dumb as you look. But, if you happened to get out of your seat to get some popcorn, take a piss, buy yourself that new Gavin Quinn dog tag, find your false teeth or change your 12 year old’s diaper, you probably missed the best 7 minutes in CLASH WRESTLING HISTORY!

Yes, you read that right. Gavin Quinn defeated former WWE/WCW/TNA/NWO/D-X star X-Pac in just over 7 minutes!

Every person in attendance that night came to see X-Pac put his old and diseased walnuts in Gavin Quinn’s face. You perverted parasites would love that wouldn’t you?? Well on January 29th, the only thing that was “busting” was Sean Waltman’s dignity, and any hope of him ever pissing regularly again.

Which brings me to my next opponent, “Maple Leaf Muscle Petey Williams.” Petey, this meeting between us will end much like our last, yet oh so different. You see, this past year in the NPCI Tournament (or as I call it “THE GQI”), Tommy Treznik and I defeated Petey Williams and his handicapped buddy Zach Gowen. But instead of walking out of that match with both my hand and head held high, I was being carried out by CLASH Wrestling’s mutant security guards.

Petey, “The Canadian Destroyer” you gave me could have ended my career…

Can you imagine CLASH Wrestling without it’s number one star?! No you can’t, because there would be no CLASH WRESTLING without GAVIN QUINN! The company would fold and suicide rates in girls ages 18-25 would go through the roof!

I hope planting me with your flipping piledriver felt good Petey, because I know kicking your face in will feel equally as great. On February 26th, Petey Williams will be the only Canadian getting ‘destroyed’.

Gavin Quinn