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CLASH Blog: “Caveman” Tyler Elkins (02/18/11)

February 18, 2011 · Print This Article

Seize the Day. The BIGGEST event in CLASH Wrestling. The BIGGEST matches, BIGGEST stars, the BIGGEST crowd, and my BIGGEST disappointment!

The Barefoot Brawler is a believer in the old adage that a tie is like kissing your sister: IT’S TERRIBLE! I went into Seize the Day with one mission: To trap Cameron Skyy in the Caveman’s Clutch and watch as the tears filled in his eyes as his back snapped in two! Thus propelling the Bearded Brute back into the Championship picture and once and for all removing the “The Sin City Suntan” from CLASH forever.

But of course that frosty tipped skunkasaurus managed to exit the arena with his career in tact and avoiding a loss. I want to make something clear to all the KNUCKLEHEADS out there, he avoided the loss but did not win. Our hatred for each other took over and the referee simply couldn’t control the fury.

So now on February 26th there will be the Contenders Cup. An event assembling six of the best grapplers in the country to vie for a shot at the most prized possession in CLASH, a prize I intend to claim.

It doesn’t matter if you are a renowned scientist with a PHD in Madness Tommy Treznik, a Superstar with tons of Swag David Manzo, one of the toughest women in America Mena Libra, or even a Half-Boy/Half-Shark Hybrid Shark Boy, because on February 26th at the Contenders Cup, you will all FEAR THE BEARD. And Cameron Skyy, I will accomplish my mission. I will break you in half. You have a lot more to fear my old friend, much more…

Caveman Tyler Elkins