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CLASH Blog: “American Nightmare” Hakim Zane (07/28/11)

July 28, 2011 · Print This Article

It’s been seven long months since I stepped foot into a CLASH wrestling ring. Some of you may remember the name Hakim Zane, some of you may not. But you better believe I remember you, all of the fans, all of the wrestlers, everyone. A lot has changed since December 10th 2010, I have finally come to the reality that this society will NEVER except me for who I am.

I am an AMERICAN, born and raised in the United States of America, but I’ve NEVER been treated like an American. I’ve been treated like an outcast, an outsider. Why? Because my name is Hakim Zane? Because of the color of my skin and my features? Let’s face facts, since I stepped foot into this business every promoter I’ve met has wanted me to portray a terrorist, because I LOOK middle eastern! I’m black and Indian! But who cares WHAT race I am, the bottom line is that I’m American. My fellow Americans have done nothing but turn their backs on me and treat me like a disgrace. I’ve tried so hard to fit in. I’ve tried so hard to live the AMERICAN DREAM only to realize that I have become the AMERICAN NIGHTMARE.

The American Nightmare isn’t some foreign country with weapons of mass destruction, the American Nightmare is what happens when Americans turn their back on one of their own. I will show you why the old America isn’t working anymore and I will bring forth a new America, MY AMERICA!

On August 6th, history will be made not only because it’s CLASH’s 100th show, but because the REVOLUTION will begin. It’s time for the new America to plant it’s roots and Dave Manzo will be the example #1. Even though I’ve been away for some time, I’ve watched Manzo get better and better. He’s been on a roll as of late and even in defeat at Age of Allegiance, showed how much he’s improved. That ENDS at 100.

Dave Manzo is just ONE of the things wrong with the old America, he reminds me of Hollywood or the music industry, who take an image or a formula and duplicate it over and over until it is burned in the minds or our youth. But Dave Manzo, like Hollywood and the music business you lack focus, you lack identity , you lack soul. You represent designer clothes, gaudy chains, and quanity over quality as if that’s what makes you better than anyone else.

I represent what this country needs, confidence. I hide behind no image and refuse to TRY to blend in any longer with these FALSE Americans. I will make an example of Dave Manzo. I will show the world WHY we need a NEW America, why I am a BETTER American. I will show the world why Hakim Zane has become the American Nightmare.

I don’t pledge allegiance to the flag, I pledge allegiance to the NEW America.

At CLASH 100, the REVOLUTION begins.
Hakim Zane