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CLASH Blog: “Ace High” Cameron Skyy (11/12/10)

November 12, 2010 · Print This Article

Can ya feel the excitement?? On November 20th, not only is CLASH Wrestling putting together the 2010 Season Finale, the final showdown, the send-off event into the Anniversary Seize The Day 4 in January… but the “Ace High”, yours truly, has obtained a CLASH Championship match against #1 contender “GQ” Gavin Quinn! Though he’s not favored by popular demand, I must commend Gavin for how he earned his #1 contendership by winning All Out War back in September. Due to J.Miller’s untimely injury, the CLASH CEO Truth Martini and Board of Directors called to inform me that I was indeed the #2 guy in the rankings and would get that shot. With that said, bring your wine glasses in preparation for the biggest toast & celebration in CLASH; a fourth CLASH title reign is rapidly approaching…I can feel it!!

Now, we all tend to run into distractions in life, personal obligations, I mean hey, life gets in the way. With all this positive anticipation surrounding my opportunity on 11/20, I have a friendship with a “Caveman” that some have questioned. Ok, I get it, we’re an odd group of guys, and despite our disagreements and differences, we have and will continue to be a successful duo & have our fair share of fun on the ride! In fact, at “Divided We Fall,” Tyler Elkins has asked to manage me in my corner against Gavin Quinn. I have allowed this and albeit his indifferent reaction he tends to receive from the public, nonetheless, the two of us both have the same goal, to ensure that the CLASH gold rests comfortably on my waist and Sin City Sparkles there for a lengthy term.

So, this goes out to Mr. Gavin Quinn… I acknowledge your previous Tag Team accomplishments with Rave Killbourn and respect that. BUT, this Vegas Bad Boy has been spinnin’ the singles game and scoring the jackpot on numerous occasions for the last few years; so train hard & vain hard because on the 20th, your self-proclaimed “GQ” looks will have to settle for silver bells while I polish my newly won gold chip.

Cameron Skyy