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CLASH Blog: “Ace High” Cameron Skyy (10/11/10)

October 11, 2010 · Print This Article

So here we are, a few weeks removed from All Out War, and it seems like an appropriate time to reflect upon a few things.  For much of my tenure in CLASH I’ve had the odds stacked against me, but Cameron Skyy is a bettin’ man, so I played the game solo and thankfully, I’ve had much success. Things changed in June 2009 though, when I stumbled upon a guy who is very unlike me, in fact he’s my complete opposite!

While I play my cash winnings in local casinos (I know, I’m trying to give up the habit), this buddy of mine earns his keep in a local cave somewhere, unshaven, unkempt, his name is Tyler Elkins. “The Caveman” aided me in a war against Dragon Kreed (let’s not get into that one), and who would’ve guessed that together we became a great team and eventually great friends!

Although we’re both very different, coincidentally, we both encountered very serious injuries very close to one another earlier this year. A broken forearm for me, a torn ACL for him, Tyler Elkins and I strolled into the same hospital, on the same day for our respective surgeries. However, as time has passed, the “Ace High” and the “Caveman” have grown apart. Don’t get me wrong, we’re still cordial, but things are different between us.

I’m a fun loving guy, who’s in this game to win, and ironically Elkins’ win over me in the 6 Way Fray on September 17th backfired when I dumped him out of All Out War. However, I’m not rejoicing as I was not the victor that night. NOPE, no wine celebration for this guy, not yet anyway!  People do ask however, “Are you and Elkins still friends?”  My answer to that question is, “As far as I know, YES!”

So, let’s see, have I covered all the bases?  Skyy/Elkins Friendship?  Yep, it’s still in tact. Super big wine celebration for a fourth title reign? That’s forthcoming. Ahh, yes I almost forgot! Among the friends and enemies you encounter in this business, my first goal is still to climb into the top spot in CLASH once again!

Interestingly, I’ll be tagging with the new #1 contender Gavin Quinn at The Future Is Unwritten against a set of opponents, one of which I know very well, one not so much: J. Miller and Rave Killbourn. I’ve said before that J. Miller is one of the most talented guys in this business and I’m very familiar with what he brings to the table. In the end however, rest assured that I’ll be inching my way closer to having that championship belt Sin City Sparklin’ around my waist!

Cameron Skyy