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CLASH Blog: #1 Contender Wreckingball (10/17/11)

October 17, 2011 · Print This Article

I am ready. When I got fired by Truth Martini back in April it felt like my whole world fell apart. Being a part of CLASH Wrestling means a lot to The Wreckingball. For me, CLASH is far more than just a wrestling company but more of a magic parallel universe filled with cavemen, shark people, superheroes, a wolf, a monk, a mad scientist and more all battling in a real live action movie. A place where truly anything is possible.

So after being fired, instead of feeling sorry for myself I decided to get in the best shape possible and come up with a way to get my job back. I called and e-mailed CLASH Wrestling officials over and over for weeks, asking for a chance to earn my job back but got no response. I decided to take matter into my own hands by buying a ticket to 100 and petitioning for my spot back on the CLASH roster. With close to 500 signatures and a couple of Wreckingball chants, I felt like I got the attention of the higher ups. No phone calls, but I didn’t give up.

Then it was announced that golden tickets would be presented to three former CLASH competitors and I thought “Hey, this is my chance. I know I’m gonna get that call and get a ticket.” Again, no phone call, but I still didn’t give up. I bought another ticket and brought my petition and was back at it. I was curious to see who got the golden tickets. One went to that goof Colt Ryan and another was bought by Truth Martini. As “Swagg Starr” Dave Manzo came out #18 and Mena Libra earned #20 spot, which meant that #19 was the final ticket holder. When it came time, I was surprised to see Ringmaster B come through the curtain. B announced that the final ticket should go to someone who truly deserved it. It felt like time had stopped as B presented me with the final ticket. This was the chance that I’ve been waiting for and I damn sure made the most of it. Outlasting 19 other CLASH Wrestling warriors, I won All Out War and became the first ever CLASH Wrestling FAN to become #1 contender.

Now everything comes to a head on October 22nd at CLASH from the Crypt. All I have to do is win and I get my job back. Seems easy enough except I have to beat a man that has been undefeated for 11 months and win a title that has alluded me for my whole career. That man, that champion is named Gavin Quinn.

Wreckingball is no longer a name to describe my physical appearance, but a symbol. A symbol of my willpower and determination to defeat any challenge, beat any opponent and destroy any wall that stands in my way. Gavin Quinn, you are that final wall that stands between me and my job. I don’t care who you have beaten in the past. I don’t care how long you have been champion. I’m gonna roll up to the Taylor Town Trade Center in straight up Terminator mode with one mission: WIN! I’m confident that there is nothing you can do to beat me. I WILL NOT STOP! I AM READY! THIS IS MY MATCH TO WIN!

At CLASH from the Crypt, I destroy the wall that is known as the 11 month title reign of Gavin Quinn and I return to my job at that real life fantasy world that is CLASH Wrestling and I return as the CLASH Champion.