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Celebrate Your Independence By Reading Pillar To Post!

July 3, 2009 · Print This Article

Hello once again from my comfortable office chair, I’m John “defender of liberty” Striker and I’m going to take you from Pillar to Post!

Celebrate Independence with Independent Wrestling
I’m going to step a little bit out of my box for a minute and take a wider look at wrestling for a moment. I know Independence day isn’t about wrestling, but it does provide a nice hook to remind everyone to support independent wrestling. The question you might be asking yourself is, “what’s the problem?” The answer to that is routed in the past and quite complex but, in short…

Independent Wrestling today is facing an assault on two fronts. On one hand, you have the 8+ hours of “free” original wrestling content on TV a week; not to mention the hours and hours of on demand or classic wrestling (although the classic AWA stuff is more compelling than most of what you’ll watch on TV these days). On the other hand you have tons and tons of unseasoned youngsters passing themselves off as independent pro wrestlers. The problem is that with all these factors it’s getting harder and harder for a true independent wrestling promotion to get and keep fans. Without a strong following, many good independent wrestling promotions go under. Good independent wrestlers today are the television or worldwide stars of tomorrow and it stands to reason that if there are less good independent promotions today there will be less good wrestlers tomorrow. With worse and worse wrestlers on TV, more and more fans tune out of wrestling, and thus are less likely to go to their local independent show. The cycle continues, with less and less talent, good promotions, and fans each time.

“That sounds horrible” you’re saying to yourself, and you’re right. The real question you should be asking is “What can be done about it?” Again, I could write a volume on what I think some solutions are, but truthfully, there is no one answer. Wrestling promotions are coming up with various approaches. The big name companies you watch on TV are coping with their lack of skilled wrestlers by promoting the sport aspect of wrestling less and the entertainment aspect more. Some independents are offering a theme, hoping to reach a niche audience. (PS- ‘extreme’ or ‘hardcore’ or ‘garbage’ wrestling is not the solution for a host of reasons I don’t have time to go into right now – see Jim Cornette’s website for more on that) All that being said, the number one most important thing that can be done is done by you, the person reading this article right now. If you live in the area, come to CLASH Wrestling. If you live far away, find a local independent wrestling company with trained, professional talent. Fight to keep independent wrestling alive and well and you’ll be rewarded with better wrestling, more high quality wrestlers, and the kind of entertainment that has been missing from your weekly TV wrestling show for far too long.

Tag Team Turmoil
Playing off my last section, I’ve got to make one final comment about the NPCI II tournament. I’m sure you’ve seen the music video by now, right? No? Well what are you waiting for? Go see it! I’ll wait…. Still waiting … ok, there you go. Anyway, the NPCI was a great example of what good Indy wrestling is all about. At the NPCI we had teams from some of the best independent promotions in the country (CLASH, Chikira, ROH, among others) showcasing their diverse styles and tremendous talents. I’ve got it on good authority that several of those tag teams will be back in CLASH to further entertain you, our friends and followers. Of course, Ophidian of the Osirian Portal suffered a broken arm during the NPCI finals so I wouldn’t expect them anytime soon. Honestly, an influx of new tag teams to CLASH couldn’t have come at a better time. No offense to the current blend of CLASH teams, but Friends have pretty much ruled the yard for some time now. I really had a lot of faith in Nightlife but if they need a change of strategy or something because they have had little success against Friends so far.

Speaking of Title Situations
Looks like my sources were wrong and Dragon is out with a more severe injury than I was told. Either way, that sets up two big shows for the Friday and Saturday after the holiday to see who’s going to be earning a shot at the CLASH Championship. We’ve got J. Miller, Tommy Tydie, Wreckingball, and Ace High Cameron Skyy. We’ve got Miller Vs. Wreckingball, and we all know their history together (Wreckingball squashing Miller’s head like an over-ripe cantaloupe, for starters). We’ve also got Tydie vs Skyy, which will be a great matchup. Tydie, on CLASH Radio, promised that he would beat Cameron Skyy in a one on one match up. Skyy proved him a liar. Knowing the pride that Tydie has in what he says and does, I’m sure that’s been eating away at him for some time. It’ll be interesting to see how he fares this time.

If you ask me though, and by reading this column you’ve essentially asked me already, there shouldn’t be this mini-tournament for the title. The belt should just be awarded to Ace High Cameron Skyy. Skyy carried that championship and CLASH wrestling on his back from day one. He was the rock to which you, the fans, turned to for safety. Now he loses a few matches in a row to Dragon Kreed and you people turn your back on him so quick, throwing him out like yesterday’s newspaper. If you ask me, you should all be begging Ace High to return to his old ways, to save you from yourselves. You should shower him with cheers and hoist him onto your shoulders as he holds his title high above his head. You should, but you’re probably to stubborn to heed my advice.

The Heat of Summer
I want to say a quick thanks to those who came out to McCaffrey’s last Saturday during the downriver cruise. It was a bit of an odd show and, to tell the truth, we didn’t really know what to expect from the day either. There were a few hick-ups and glitches but in the end I feel we delivered a solid show in miserable conditions. The ring canvas was easily 120 degrees, just touching it was painful and nearly impossible to do. I was concerned for Dave Manzo’s health as he ran from the ring mid-match to gulp down some water to prevent from passing out. (Was he so exhausted from wrestling or his improvised Michael Jackson tribute dance to the ring?) Despite the rough conditions, CLASH athletes are a professional bunch and still delivered solid action from start to end. I hope that some of you are reading this article because you saw the free show and want to know what CLASH is all about. I’m telling it to you straight, the cruise show was good but if that’s all you’ve seen of CLASH, you aint seen nothing yet!

That’s about it guys, I’m out of here. I’ll be soaking in a pool in a Lansing suburb all weekend, so don’t try to call me. Instead just sit back, be grateful for the freedoms we have, and remember fondly that today is the day when you went Pillar to Post. I’m John Striker telling you to take it easy like Sunday morning.