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Caveman vs. Wreckingball Signed For Seize The Day V

December 12, 2011 · Print This Article

Last week we learned that a new Seize The Day V match would be announced every Monday, exclusively here on CLASHWRESTLING.COM. Thus far, CLASH officials have determined both the CLASH & Tag Team Championship matches scheduled to take place on January 21st. Further, friends will do battle when Colt Cabana makes his CLASH debut in a singles contest against Zach Gowen! Today we are happy to announce the fourth signed match, a colossal confrontation of epic proportions!

Over the past few months, CLASH audiences have witnessed a war raging between “Caveman” Tyler Elkins and the Wreckingball. Starting back at CLASH From The Crypt and escalating to a fever pitch at Divided We Fall, Elkins pleaded with Dragon Greed to allow Wreckingball a one night pass to compete for CLASH Wrestling. Greed, also upset that Wreckingball interfered in the Divided We Fall main event, has granted the Caveman his wish!

Thus, on January 21st the Wreckingball makes a special, one night only appearance inside a CLASH Wrestling ring! Tyler Elkins has made his intentions clear: he aims to make sure Wreckingball never shows his face at a CLASH Wrestling event again. Wreckingball on the other hand, will do anything to get his job back. We’ve also learned that this bout is UNSANCTIONED by CLASH Wrestling, thus will be contested under NO COUNT OUT, NO DISQUALIFICATION rules! Who will walk out of Seize The Day V victorious? The Caveman or The Wreckingball? There’s only one way to find out! Join us for our first event of 2012: SEIZE THE DAY V on JANUARY 21ST! Tickets are available, now, click here to get yours today!