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(Cave)Man vs. Beast Signed For 100 On August 6th!

June 24, 2011 · Print This Article

The third scheduled match for August 6th’s 100 has been announced and this one may be the most explosive yet! Since making his CLASH debut in June 2008, the “Caveman” Tyler Elkins has crossed few men to could match his strength, stature and wrestling proficiency. One of the toughest competitors in all of CLASH Wrestling to get off his feet, the stocky Caveman has proved time and time again that in order to defeat your opponent, you have to be able to knock him down.

Well, at 100 on August 6th, the “Caveman” will step into the ring with an opponent who can not only match him in strength and stature, but may be the most intense competitor to ever step foot inside the squared circle: the “War Machine” Rhyno! Rhyno has held championship gold everywhere he’s traveled (ECW, WWE, TNA, etc) due to his ability to run through and knock men of all shapes and sizes off their feet. Can the “Man Beast” do the same to CLASH’s “Caveman?”

There’s only one way to find out! Join us for a confrontation of prehistoric proportions! It’s the classic battle of (Cave)MAN vs. BEAST! It’s Tyler Elkins vs. Rhyno, live at CLASH Wrestling’s 100 on August 6th! Presale tickets are available now, get yours today!