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Caveman Challenge Accepted By Jimmy Jacobs!

October 1, 2010 · Print This Article

At Grappleganza in July, Tyler Elkins debuted the “Caveman Challenge.” On that night, the bearded brute defeated 3 men in succession to walk away victorious. The reasoning for the match, Elkins stated, was to prove to everyone that his injury was healed and that he was back on top of his game.

Thus, when we heard that the “Caveman Challenge” would return at the Future Is Unwritten on October 23rd, we assumed the same rules would apply: Elkins would face 3 mystery competitors, one after another. Well, we were wrong. Just this morning, we at CLASHWRESTLING.COM recieved an email from CLASH CEO Truth Martini stating that International Superstar Jimmy Jacobs has answered the challenge and requested to face “The Caveman” on October 23rd!

Without question, this will be Tyler Elkins’ biggest challenge since his return from injury 3 months ago. Does Elkins have what it takes to defeat the decorated Jimmy Jacobs? Will Jimmy Jacobs be the first man in history to make Tyler Elkins tap out? It’s Caveman Clutch vs. End Time: Saturday night October 23rd when CLASH Wrestling presents “The Future Is Unwritten!”