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Save $$ & Purchase Your Divided We Fall Tickets Today!

November 4, 2014

Divided We Fall Ticket (Individual)

What are the perks of purchasing your tickets online @ Well, for starters you save money! Individual tickets are available, exclusively online, for only $12 each. Additionally, online ticket holders are the first CLASH fans to be let in on show day, which means they get first choice on seats! Don’t worry, if you choose to wait until show day, tickets are still available for the low price of $15.

Divided We Fall Event Tickets (4 Pack)

If saving money interests you, then there’s no better way than purchasing a CLASH Wrestling 4 Pack! 4 Pack tickets are available, exclusively online, for only $40! At only $10 per ticket, there’s no cheaper way to enjoy CLASH Wrestling. Bring a friend or family member, introduce them to our show and we’re sure they’ll enjoy themselves. Additionally, online ticket holders are the first CLASH fans to be let in on show day, which means they get first choice on seats! Don’t worry, if you choose to wait until show day, tickets are still available for the low price of $15.

Press Release For November 22nd’s Divided We Fall

November 4, 2014

CLASH Wrestling will return with Divided We Fall presented in conjunction with Big League Brews on November 22nd, 2014 at the Taylor Town Trade Center. Bell time is 8:00 PM with can’t miss action. The Main Event will be for the CLASH Wrestling Heavyweight Championship when “GQ” Gavin Quinn defends against the All Out War Winner, Dave Manzo who will be representing The Clash.

The evening’s Co-Main Event will feature TNA Gut Check Winner and former Knockout Taeler Hendrix squaring off against international wrestling star and Detroit’s own Allysin Kay. This will mark Kay’s first Michigan appearance in over 3 years and is a can’t miss dream match in Women‘s Wrestling.

In addition to these two great main events, Dragon Greed will be returning from his suspension complete with his full entourage of Evan Craig, Belvedere, and their body guard Brutus Dylan. What could the dastardly Greed possibly have in store for the fans of CLASH Wrestling? Only one way, and one place to find out.

Divided We Fall will not be complete with out having two Divided We Fall Elimination Matches. One match will feature The Clash going against a team captained by “The Murderous Monk” J Miller. The second match will pit teams captained by Elk and “The Mane Event” Justin Mane. It will be interesting to see who these captains pick as Miller, Mane, and Elk have never been ones to have allies in the past. Don’t miss the final show of the year, and kick off your Holiday Season with CLASH Wrestling’s Divided We Fall. We will see you there November 22nd.

CLASH To The Future Part V: What You Need To Know

March 22, 2013

Wow, where do we begin?! CLASH Wrestling gets ready to host one of our favorite nostalgic events when we amp this one up with 1.21 gigawatts and take you on a roller coaster ride to the Past, Present, & Future! With a plethora of attractions already signed in addition to special guests and new CLASH merchandise; this installment is already shaping up to be one of our best in the books. Let’s get ya caught up to the speed 88mph, shall we?

J.MILLER (c) VS PETEY WILLIAMS [30 Minute Ironman Match]
CLASH Management has signed perhaps the perfect main event bout taking the theme of “time” into consideration. On March 30th, new CLASH Champion the “Murderous Monk” J. Miller will defend his title against former champion “Maple Leaf Muscle” Petey Williams in a 30 Minute Iron Man Match!

For 30 minutes, the Champion & Challenger will battle. When the buzzer sounds and the match ends at CLASH To The Future: Part V, the competitor who has secured the most victories will be declared the CLASH Champion. What better pairing for the Ironman attraction than J.Miller and Petey Williams? A storied history has brought these two together in one of the most anticipating rematches of the year, and it all takes place LIVE on March 30th!

CLASH Tag Team Champions Gavin Quinn & Dragon Greed will square off against the debuting duo of Zach Gowen & Gregory Iron, collectively known as the Handicapped Handguns! CLASH fans are no strangers to Zach Gowen, as the “One Legged Wonder” has competed on numerous CLASH events over the years. However, his partner Gregory Iron will be making his CLASH Wrestling debut.

The Handicapped Handguns have had much success in their short tenure among various promotions and the two look to make an impact at CLASH TO THE FUTURE: PART V with a huge opportunity to face the reigning Tag Champions. A victory could spell out a Tag Title shot in the future. PLUS, PLUS, PLUS…it’s Zach Gowen’s 31st Birthday on 3/30; join us and celebrate!

There’s only a handful of CLASH Competitors that can be labeled as CLASH Originals. Both Cameron Skyy and Tommy Treznik fall under that category, having been there since our very first event. The two have rarely crossed paths in our history, however for the first time in 3 years, we’ll see SIN CITY vs SCIENCE! It’s a match years in the making – which original will walk out victorious on 3/30?

HONKY TONK MAN VS THE CAVEMAN [Past, Present, or Future Match]
Like CLASH To The Future: Part III & Part IV, Part V will play host to a number of bouts entitled “CLASH From The Past, Present or Future.” In these matches, CLASH competitors drawn at random will step into Doc Emmett B’s Time Machine prior to their match!

“Caveman” Tyler Elkins & Wrestling Legend the Honky Tonk Man will make that trip through the wormhole. Only question is, which one of these men will be forced to time travel before their match on March 30th? Could we be witnessing the iconic Honky Tonk Man traveling to Ancient Rome before the bell? Perhaps a Caveman from the Future? The possibilities are both endless and fun – join us to witness it LIVE on 3/30!

Other notable appearances on 3/30 include “The Hollywood Sensation” Justin Mane, Dave Manzo, “Wreckingball” Randy Casey, Ded Vaughn and the return of “Amazing” N8 Mattson! And who knows what else we might pull out of our sleeves…

The long awaited return to CLASH Wrestling on DVD is over as our Anniversary SEIZE THE DAY VI becomes available to the public at merchandise stands at CLASH TO THE FUTURE: PART V! They won’t be alone, as they’ll be joined by the highly requested new CLASH Wrestling “CLASH ‘EM, SMASH ‘EM” T-Shirts! Yay!!

Be sure to keep them eyes peeled to CLASHWRESTLING.COM for further updates and announcements concerning CLASH TO THE FUTURE: PART V. Also, extra Honky Tonk Man sightings in store for Big League Brews, Warriors Comics, and Ink Addiction Tattoos with details forthcoming!

CLASH News Flash For May 17, 2012

May 18, 2012

CLASH News Flash For May 17, 2012: Ladies & Gents, we’re right around the corner from our annual free event in conjunction with the 2012 Relay For Life in Taylor, MI! This Saturday, join CLASH Wrestling at Heritage Park as we hang out to help raise money for the American Cancer Society in their annual 24-hour event. Fun, games, great weather and Michigan’s premium blend of Professional Wrestling is your forecast for this Saturday’s festivities, here’s the 411 –

Saturday, May 19th, 2012

Heritage Park
12111 Pardee Rd.
Taylor, MI 48180

All Ages: Admission is FREE
10:30pm belltime

Already announced via CLASHWRESTLING.COM is a first time treat to CLASH fans as the Relay For Life will play host to an interesting main event with Relay For Life Team Captain, Mena Libra going one on one with “Caveman” Tyler Elkins! Mena Libra is fearless, and stands to represent the strength of women in this realm of entertainment. Can that strength match the physical power of a Former CLASH Champion & Bare Foot Brawler like Tyler Elkins, whom has stood the test next to today’s toughest competitors? Well folks, we’re gonna find out this Saturday night!

We can recall how the last encounter went down at CLASH FROM THE CRYPT 2011 when then CLASH Champion, Gavin Quinn defeated “Wreckingball” Randy Casey who was on a hunt to capture his job back. This go around is different, a renewed contract for Casey with CLASH Wrestling has ignited his spirits to race to the top, and what better of an opportunity than to defeat the longest reigning CLASH Champ ever in Gavin Quinn. Can he do it, or will history repeat with a win for Quinn?

It’s rare to see a title defense at the Relay For Life special showcase, but we at CLASH love you and we’re prepared to show you why we’re Michigan’s best in Professional Wrestling. Current Tag Team Champions, H3RD (“Mad Scientist” Tommy Treznik & Ded Vaughn) are prepared to take the challenge for all comers and this Saturday Night, we’ll find out who answers!

Recently, we’ve seen the title picture become intertwined with CLASH Champion Petey Williams, Gavin Quinn, J.Miller and new #1 contender Cameron Skyy. This has brought on a mixture of battles among the four men, including some altercations between Cameron Skyy and J.Miller. However, this will be the first singles encounter for both former CLASH Champions since June 2010. We know that Saturday’s fight is against cancer, but what’s transpired between these two men, we’re assured it’s even more than that! It all goes down LIVE this Saturday Night at Relay For Life!

In Other News:

Our annual AGE OF ALLEGIANCE Supershow is right around the corner emanating from Taylor, Michigan’s TaylorTown Trade Center on Saturday, June 23rd! Tickets are on sale now at CLASHWRESTLING.COM for best seating and money savings. Pledge your allegiance by upgrading your Pro Wrestling experience with this summer adventure of CLASH Wrestling! We’ll up the stakes like we always do!!

Thanks for reading this week’s news flash, and continue to stay with CLASHWRESTLING.COM for all upcoming event information.

CLASH News Flash For April 26, 2012

April 26, 2012

CLASH News Flash For April 26, 2012: Ladies & Gents, we are right around the corner from our annual contribution to the 2012 Relay For Life and the way we get things started is with this Saturday’s FIGHT AGAINST CANCER 5! We appreciate your continued support and we ask you to lend that support this weekend as the proceeds will benefit the American Cancer Society. Now, let’s get into what we’ve got in store this Saturday Night –

Big League Brews Sports Bar presents
Saturday, April 28th, 2012

TaylorTown Trade Center
22525 Ecorse Rd
, MI 48180

All Ages: $12 @ Door
8pm bell, Doors
@ 7:30pm

The CLASH Championship picture has been an exciting thrill ride for quite some time with the entanglement of current champ Petey Williams, Gavin Quinn, J.Miller and now new #1 contender, Cameron Skyy. While we’ve witnessed these four in Tag Team action last month, we’re still awaiting the date & time that Cameron Skyy wishes to cash in his Contenders Cup #1 position for that one-on-one opportunity against Petey Williams. Just as we await that CLASH Championship encounter, fans of CLASH are also anticipating a showdown between J.Miller and Gavin Quinn which has been an ongoing competitive rivalry since Miller’s return in August 2011. Until that time, each of the four competitors in “pick your poison” type fashion were able to select each other’s respective opponents for FIGHT AGAINST CANCER 5!

All of which are first time ever bouts in CLASH; let’s review what we’ve got in store:
1) Petey Williams (c) vs. Interim CEO, Dragon Greed (Non-Title). Handpicked by Cameron Skyy; one of Cameron Skyy’s most intense opponents and former champion, Greed has held the gold before but now he holds power in CLASH. Greed is a foot taller than Petey with a definite size advantage; can Petey overcome the odds?

2) “Ace High” Cameron Skyy vs. Bryce Benjamin of Too Sweet. Handpicked by Petey Williams; Bryce Benjamin, whom is one half of one of CLASH Wrestling’s most popular Tag Teams looks to make a name for himself in singles action against former Champion, Cameron Skyy.

3) “Murderous Monk” J.Miller vs. “Caveman” Tyler Elkins. Handpicked by Gavin Quinn; the “Bare Foot Brawler” Tyler Elkins has been to the top and back again but has never clashed with the silent assassin, J.Miller. Will it be Miller’s quickness and agility that overcomes the competition, or will he brought to defeat by Elkin’s brute strength? Find out this Saturday!

4) “GQ” Gavin Quinn vs. “Mad Scientist” Tommy Treznik. Handpicked by J.Miller; former H3RD partner and current H3RD leader, the “Inventor Of Elixirs” is very familiar with in-ring competition from Gavin Quinn. The two athletes once were intertwined in an infamous Tag Team feud from 2008-09 between “The Friends” and H3RD and stood as Tag Team partners known as “The Better Halves” for the 2010 NPCI Tag Tournament. Needless to say, this CLASH between two originals is gonna be one for the books!

In an event full of first time encounters, this will be the first ever Lumberjack match for Women’s competition. Mena Libra and Leah Von Dutch have been at it for two straight months each holding a victory over the other. For Mena, it’s about respect considering she’s been in CLASH since day one. For Leah, her disrespect toward Mena’s tenure has inflamed this these bouts as she looks to make a name for herself by getting win in this series. Which woman will come out on top when there is nowhere to go as the ring is surrounded by CLASH favorites? Find out this Saturday Night!

Based on last month’s events at CLASH TO THE FUTURE: PART IV; we witnessed Interim CEO Dragon Greed walking out B’s time machine as Dragon Kreed informing the Wreckingball that he has his job back. For those following this, Randy “Wreckingball” Casey has been in pursuit of a CLASH contract since his termination from CEO Truth Martini one year ago. His journey has involved purchasing live event tickets and attempting to find loop holes to get himself a spot on the CLASH events. The question still stands…what is his employment status with CLASH? Does the words of Dragon Kreed (from the time machine, year: 2011) hold binding over the words of current Interim CEO Dragon Greed? “Amazing” N8 Mattson looks to pry an answer this Saturday Night in his new hot segment “That’s Amazing!”

This Saturday Night, CLASH takes the fight to Cancer with all proceeds benefitting the American Cancer Society at the 2012 Relay For Life in May. This is your chance to contribute to the cause while being entertained by Michigan’s premium blend of Professional Wrestling! Tell friends, family & all to cast their donation by their admission to our event. Let’s help spread the word together, and continue to expand the CLASH revolution!

Thanks for reading today folks, keep with CLASHWRESTLING.COM for any updates to this Saturday’s FIGHT AGAINST CANCER 5 line-up and we hope to see ya there!

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