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Get Caught Up On CLASH & Watch The Seize The Day XI Postshow Now!

January 25, 2018

Get caught up on all the happenings in CLASH Wrestling as we head into CLASH To The Future on March 24th! Matt Bishop runs down the events of SEIZE THE DAY XI & much much more!

CLASH Officials Finalizing Seize The Day XI Matches Following Controversial All Out War

December 9, 2017

Saturday January 20th 2018, CLASH Wrestling presents Seize The Day XI. This is the Tenth Anniversary show for CLASH Wrestling as it all started with Seize The Day I in January of 2008. Heading into the monumental event, CLASH Wrestling has never had this much controversy, which may sound like a bold statement, but it is fact nonetheless.

All Out War annually crowns the #1 contender who in most cases has used this title shot at Seize the Day. However, this year’s All Out War match remains under investigation. There wasn’t a conclusion… the final two competitors were “GQ” Gavin Quinn and Juntai. After disposing of “Ace High” Cameron Skyy and Maserati Rick we thought the two bookends of CLASH Wrestling were going to continue their 10 year war however instead insisted on a microphone and exiting the ring together. They dubbed themselves “The Lotus” and mentioned a Tag Team Championship match.

CLASH Officials were outraged by this disrespect, but also inspired. In the coming weeks an official announcement will be made on what is in store for Seize The Day, but rumors are swirling that a CLASH Classic will be returning.

The other shocking news coming out of All Out War, shakes up the letters on the marquee. A new CLASH Wrestling Heavyweight Champion was crowned when James Alexander defeated “The Mane Event” Justin Mane and Maserati Rick in a Triple Threat Match. Rick won the Contender’s Cup back in the summer earning him this shot. Mane has been the champion since last year’s Seize The Day. They were set to go one on one when Alexander disrupted the introductions to put his career in CLASH on the line for one final shot. Alexander’s gamble paid off as he able to win the battle and hoist the Championship. This reign will be the 20th in CLASH Wrestling’s Heavyweight Championship history and marks the fourth time the title was won at All Out War. Alexander joins the likes of Tommy Treznik, Justin Mane, and Tommy Dreamer accomplishing this feat.

Alexander will go into Seize The Day as champion however, a challenger is still yet to be determined. Seize The Day is the biggest show of the year and the challengers have had the advantage. Aside from the innaugral championship victory for Cameron Skyy at the first Seize the Day; challengers winning the Championship include Skyy, ELK, Petey Williams, Juntai, Gavin Quinn, and Justin Mane. In the coming weeks an official announcement will be made on what is in store Seize The Day as CLASH officials sort through the controversial All Out War and current rankings.

Event Results for CLASH Wrestling’s Age Of Allegiance (4/29/17)

May 22, 2017

HUGE thanks to the packed house at last night’s #AgeOfAllegiance supershow from CLASH Wrestling in Taylor, MI. Additional thanks to our long time sponsor, Big League Brews for hosting the after-party for the #GreenAndBlackAttack. CLASH makes its return to Taylor, MI on Saturday, 6/17/17. Below were the results:
* Justin Pilgrim & Devin Shaw def. H3RD (Jack Vaughn & Dr. Wrecking-Ball w/ Tommy Treznik) (c) via pinfall.
* Ari Alvarado def. Mike Del via pinfall. Post match: The possessed Sepultra DeManzo executed additional destruction to the competitors in the ring before exiting, prior to his #1 contendership match later. 
* Announcer Matt Bishop highlights this next match-up following last months post match celebration of “GQ” Gavin Quinn’s final CLASH bout when Juntai laid GQ out while Cameron Skyy had made the save.
* “Sin City Sparklin’” Cameron Skyy def. Juntai via pinfall. Post match: Just like last month, Juntai went on the attack to the victorious Skyy, sending him into the turnpost and driving his head into the concrete floor. CLASH security aided Skyy to the back.
* In-Ring segment between Maserati Rick & James Alexander as the two stars delivered back & forth verbal comments before their #1 contendership match later.
* Leah Vaughan (c) def. Nevaeh via pinfall to retain the CLASH Women’s Championship.
* James Alexander def. Maserati Rick, Elk, & Sepultra DeManzo in a 4-way elimination match to become the new #1 contender for the CLASH Championship. Match notes: This match saw interference from the H3RD in their successful efforts of aiding to Elk’s elimination.
* Justin Mane (c) def. “Mad Scientist” Tommy Treznik via pinfall to retain the CLASH Championship. Match notes: This too saw Treznik’s H3RD clan attempt interference which was stopped by a charging Elk, allowing Mane to pick up the definitive victory over Treznik.

CLASH Returns For Age Of Allegiance 2016 on April 23rd!

March 29, 2016

CLASH Wrestling will return with Age Of Allegiance presented in conjunction with Big League Brews this Saturday night April 23rd at the Taylor Town Trade Center. Bell time is 8:00 PM with can’t miss action. This all ages event will play host to a number of blockbuster matches featuring the competitors of CLASH Wrestling, including new CLASH Champion Elk, CLASH Tag Team Champions The Midnight Society & Detroit’s Own Allysin Kay!

Doors open @ 7:30 PM and tickets are just $15!

CLASH Champion Elk vs. RJ City

“Ace High” Cameron Skyy vs. “Mad Scientist” Tommy Treznik vs. Justin Mane

Dragon Greed, Brutus Dylan & Evan Craigvs. Midnight Society & Gavin Quinn

Detroit’s Own Allysin Kay In Action!

Dave Manzo vs. Atlas Hytower

Featuring The H3RD’s Jack Vaughan & Randal Casey

Divided We Fall Is November 21st! Get The Full Scoop On The Show Here!

November 6, 2015

On November 21st 2015, CLASH Wrestling and Big League Brews will present Divided We Fall at the Taylor Town Trade Center located at 22525 Ecorse Rd in Taylor, MI 48180. The annual Divided We Fall event has become notorious for its elimination style matches. This year a new twist will be brought to the great fans of CLASH Wrestling. Never before has an event like this taken place in CLASH. For the first time ever, Divided We Fall will feature 16 of CLASH’s competitors in 4 traditional style tag team matches. These matches will be chosen at random, which means NO ONE will not only not know who their partner is, nor who their opponents will be.

The action doesn’t stop there. The winners of those 4 matches will be paired off into two teams. The winners will get to form their own alliances, and do not need to do that with the partner from their previous match. These two teams will square off in a tradition Divided We Fall Elimination Match as the main event. Eliminations can of course occur via pin-fall, submission, disqualification, or count-out.

The bragging rights at Divided We Fall have never been higher. This is truly a unique must see CLASH Wrestling event, and it’s the annual close out show for the year. Seize The Day 9 (AKA The 8th Anniversary Show) is on January 30th 2016 and Divided We Fall is the last opportunity for a competitor to gain a mental edge of their nemesis. This will also be the last show before Gavin Quinn and Junthai put their careers on the line against one another at Seize The Day. This is a MUST SEE Event if there ever was one.
More matches will be announced for Divided We Fall in the coming weeks. The Sixteen Competitors that have been entered into this Divided We Fall crapshoot are as follows:

CLASH Heavyweight Champion Dragon Greed
CLASH Tag Team Champions Mazerati Rick and Usama Lyon
The #1 Contender to the CLASH Heavyweight Championship ELK
All 6 Members of The Clash – Tommy Treznik, Cameron Skyy, Dave Manzo, Randy Casey, Jack Vaughn, and Junthai
“GQ” Gavin Quinn
“The Mane Event” Justin Mane
Brutal Brutus Dylan
Evan Craig
“Professor” Mathew Priest
“Omega” Atlas Hytower

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