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Billy Gunn vs. Cameron Skyy Signed For Seize The Day VI

January 9, 2013 · Print This Article

It’s been previously announced that current WWE superstar Billy Gunn will make his debut at CLASH Wrestling’s SEIZE THE DAY VI Anniversary event on January 19th; however it was unknown who he was signed to compete with. Today, we here at CLASHWRESTLING.COM have learned that it’ll be none other than former CLASH Champion “Ace High” Cameron Skyy!

Cameron Skyy, over the last year has been in somewhat of an identity crisis. His obsession has been to prove his self-worth that he’s more than just a Vegas party animal, but rather he should be valued by his intellect, good looks, and former accolades. Has it worked? Well, he has seen much singles success throughout 2012 but this is a new year, a new beginning, and some steep competition.

With the announcement of Billy Gunn appearing at SEIZE THE DAY VI, and Cameron Skyy’s quest to continue to prove his self-worth to himself and others; it was Skyy to request the match with the former degenerate. With that, we have a huge attraction pitting both talented competitors in what will certainly be a SEIZE THE DAY noteworthy match – the Badass vs the Ace High! Join us LIVE for this and more on Saturday, January 19th in Taylor, MI! Get advanced tickets here: