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New CEO B. To Award Himself Title, Suspends H3RD

September 15, 2009 · Print This Article

We at CLASHWRESTLING.COM just recieved word from Chief Executive Officer “The Prince Of CLASH” B. that he has suspended the H3RD from this Friday’s live event at the Game On Sports Center in Taylor, MI. B. prepared the following statement, which he demanded we publish here on CLASHWRESTLING.COM.

“For their actions over the course of the last month, I, the “Prince Of CLASH” B. am left with no choice but to suspend Tommy Tydie & J. Miller, The H3RD, from appearing at this Friday’s “Saved By The Bell” event. The H3RD are a liability to my company, their reckless actions nearly cost me my career at Fandemonium. Furthermore, I suspect that the H3RD planned to crash my Celebratory Swag Party in which I will be crowned the new CLASH Champion. In the interest of fairness and safety, both to myself and the CLASH fans, I’m left with no choice but to suspend the H3RD from appearing at my inaugural event as CLASH CEO.”

With the late breaking nature of this announcement, we’ve yet to hear either Tydie or Miller’s reaction to this news. Prior to last week, both men were considered #1 contenders to the CLASH Championship that B. will now award to himself on Friday night. One must think that the H3RD will not take kindly to this news; if there are two men who do not like being told what they can and can not do, it’s Tydie & Miller.

Keep checking CLASHWRESTLING.COM throughout the week for more on this story, including a reaction from both members of the H3RD.