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All You Need To Know About The 2008 NPCI

June 10, 2008 · Print This Article

With the 2008 installment of the Nicholas P. Clashertone Invitational Tournament, less than 3 days away, we at CLASHWRESTLING.COM figured we would discuss the event in detail. This weekend, sixteen teams from all across the country will come together with one goal in mind – that is, become the first ever CLASH Wrestling Tag Team Champions!

Some of these teams are well known to the CLASH fans, while others remain a mystery. We hope by the time you’ve read “All You Need To Know About The 2008 NPCI”, you will walk away well informed and more than ready to take in 2 days of action packed, high flying, adrenaline-filled wrestling that CLASH is known for!Before discuss each team in detail, let us first take a look at the competitors as well as their first round opposition. Remember, the eight matches of the first round of the NPCI will take place this Friday night, June 13th, while the Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Finals will take place the following day, on Saturday, June 14th, 2008!

One half of Jonescorp, The Wreckingball, is the largest man to compete in this years NPCI. The other half, Jeremy Jones, is a shrewd manager who wishes to become a Tag Team Champion. If money could buy championships, Jonescorp would already own the gold. Fortunately for everyone else, teamwork and skill are the traits needed to win the CLASH Tag Team Championships. Does Jonescorp have what it takes to win?

The MMPR (for short) are a dediciated duo from the Land of the Rising Sun. Both the Green and Blue Ranger are masters in numerous martial arts. One has to wonder, will these skills translate well into the squared circle?

CLASH Champion, “Ace High” Cameron Skyy is certainly no stranger to gold. In fact, neither is his partner, former WWE Superstar and many time Tag Team Champion, Scotty 2 Hotty. Both Skyy and Scotty have their eyes on victory and many agree that if they can work together successfully, may be nearly impossible to beat.

Perhaps no tandem in CLASH has as much experience working together as do the “Man’s Man” and the “Murderous Monk.” In the past few months, Tydie & Miller have formed into a well polished team, utilizing a number of tag team manuevers that can finish the toughest of opponents. Their biggest challenge to date will come this Friday night, when they face Cameron Skyy & Scotty 2 Hotty in the Main Event of Friday’s show.

The duo of Mike Daniels and Skull Williams is an interesting pair of high flyers. Skull Williams has found moderate success in the singles ranks of CLASH Wrestling, but perhaps it’s in the tag division where he fits best. His partner Mike Daniels has just returned to CLASH after a lengthy stay away. Time will tell if these two have what it takes to succeed.

Another pairing of two smaller wrestlers, the team of Khameleon and Steff O’Riley is one to look out for. Both men love to take to the air, exciting crowds with an assortment of headscissors, hurracanranas, and arm drags. Khameleon and Steff are also coming fresh off of a HUGE win in Riverview against Miller & Tydie, so do not count them out.

Every week, Keith Calhoun asks the CLASH fans to “Don’t Stop Believing,” and he certainly doesn’t want them to stop now, less than a week from the 2008 NPCI. The intangible here is that as of this moment, Keith Calhoun does not have a tag team partner. Will Calhoun find one, better yet, does the “Kamikaze” even want one? He may just want to go it alone.

Confetti has been a CLASH staple since January of this year, but has yet to find his niche. The ultra talented youngster has a number of wins under his belt, but none would be bigger than the 2008 NPCI. In the case of his partner, Colt Ryan is a newcomer to CLASH Wrestling. “The Gift” is an accomplished amateur wrestler from the sunny state of Florida. Only time will tell if these two men have what it takes to be champions.

The 16th and final team to gain entry into the 2008 NPCI introduced themselves to the CLASH audience this past weekend in Riverview, as the duo of “The Natural Athlete” Nick Braxton & Mr. Wrestling X rushed the ring and cut an obsenity laced promo on the CLASH crowd. Braxton is a super talented wrestler who has traveled all across the country, while his partner Mr. Wrestling X is a former Olympian and a ring veteran of nearly 70 years. Without question, this odd couple is a team to look out for this weekend.

CLASH fans know Crossfire as the rarely booked, high pitched master of the shrieking voice. While Crossfire has to be considered a long shot in any competition, has he found his key to victory in Tyler Elkins, an undefeated MMA fighter trained in numerous fighting styles? Elkins makes his CLASH debut this Friday night with Crossfire by his side.

Two CLASH Wrestling fan favorites, the duo of GQ Assassin and Rave Killbourn has to considered on of the favorites going into this weekend’s tournament. Both GQ and Rave have found much success inside the CLASH ring, but perhaps none on the level that they can possibly attain together. Longtime friends, these two men are one of the frontrunners in this year’s tournament.

Will Vendetta is coming fresh off one of the biggest wins of his short career, defeating longtime nemesis Tommy Tydie at Downriver Revolution just a few weeks ago. For a moment, it looked as if Will and his partner Lance Winston were not going to be granted entry into the NPCI, after losing a qualifying match due to a distraction by Tydie. The decision was later reversed, and Vendetta and Winston now look for tag team gold.

Another solid duo in this year’s field is the team of Jack Night and Castor Strong, collectively known as Strong Inc. Night is an accomplished wrestler and one of the toughest men in all of CLASH Wrestling. Strong is a wrestler himself, but due to injury was forced into the position of manager. Is Strong fully healed and ready to get back into the ring? Or is the lure of championship gold enough to rush him back before he’s ready?

These two youngsters cut their teeth in the world of professional wrestling while in the state of Pennsylvania. They’ve teamed for the better part of a year and should be team to look out for this year. We could write more on these two young men, but we figured it would be better if they do so theirselves:

Comprised of Hyde Knox & Kumohito Kanbashi, Team ETW is a combination of power and speed which should match well against the athletes of CLASH Wrestling.

Few men who have ever stepped foot in a CLASH ring have been able to match strength with Dragon Kreed. The mountain of a man from Hell, MI is a newcomer to CLASH Wrestling and a future champion, without question. His partner, Dave Manzo has spent his life winning championships and trophys. He looks to add the CLASH Tag Team Championship to his mantle.