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All You Need To Know About All Out War (2013 Edition)

August 16, 2013 · Print This Article

It’s no secret that winning All Out War is perhaps the quickest route one can take on their quest to the CLASH Championship. With a guaranteed CLASH Championship match awarded to it’s winner, past All Out War victors have used their opportunity to capture the highest prize in all of CLASH Wrestling. This article details the rules and history of our annual fall show, so kick back and catch up on everything you need to know about All Out War!

All Out War is based on the traditional battle royal match, in which a set number of participants aim at eliminating their competitors by tossing them over the top rope, with both feet touching the floor. The winner of the event is the last participant remaining after all others have been eliminated. All Out War consists of 20 entrants.

All Out War differs from a battle royal as the contestants do not enter the ring at the same time but instead are assigned entry numbers via lottery. The match begins with the two participants who have drawn entry numbers one and two, with the remaining competitors entering the ring at timed intervals of two minutes, according to their entry number.

The match has no stipulations or rules other than that elimination must occur by a participant being placed over the top rope and both feet touching the floor. The reward for winning All Out War is a guaranteed match for the CLASH Championship at an event of the winner’s choosing.

The first All Out War took place on August 30th, 2008 and was won by Jack Night. Night last eliminated Shark Boy to win the match, which he used to catapult himself straight to the top of CLASH Wrestling. On November 8th, 2008 Jack Night was victorious in his guaranteed championship match versus Cameron Skyy and was the first man to prove that winning All Out War lead to a direct result of one becoming CLASH Champion.

Due to the injury of then titleholder Dragon Kreed, the CLASH Championship was vacated in the summer of 2009 and All Out War did not take place.

On September 17th 2010, All Out War returned and in a big way. Currently, the 2010 version of All Out War holds the distinction of being the longest match in CLASH Wrestling history, lasting over an hour in length. “GQ” Gavin Quinn walked out the winner of the bout, thus earning a championship match of his own. Two months later, Quinn became the second man in history to parlay his winning All Out War into becoming CLASH Champion when he captured the gold on November 20th, 2010.

At All Out War! 2011 on September 3rd, “Wreckingball” Randy Casey struck proverbial “gold” by cashing in his “Golden Ticket” to win All Out War! The “Golden Ticket Incentive,” devised by CLASH President Nicholas P. Clashertone, allocates a number of All Out War entries to former CLASH competitors. Casey was the first non-contracted competitor in history to win All Out War, but came up short in his CLASH Championship quest at CLASH From The Crypt one month later.

Last year’s All Out War! winner was a complete shock as the perennial underdog Blue Ranger walked out with the victory, making it the second consecutive year that a “Golden Ticket” holder won the match. Unfortunately, Blue Ranger was unable to capture the CLASH Championship when he cashed in his title opportunity against Petey Williams shortly thereafter.

The fifth annual All Out War will take place on Saturday, August 31st. On this night, 15 of the top competitors in CLASH Wrestling and 5 “Golden Ticket” entries will battle for a chance at becoming #1 Contender to the CLASH Championship. Who will walk out the new #1 Contender on August 31st? JOIN US FOR ALL OUT WAR TO FIND OUT!