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All Out War Updates! Tag Team Gauntlet Added!

August 28, 2010 · Print This Article

While becoming #1 contender to the CLASH Championship would be a huge boost for any CLASH competitor, a number of tag team wrestlers have a different goal, that is, becoming CLASH Tag Team Champions. In the interest of fairness to these tag team competitors and to fans of tag team wrestling the world around, CLASH management have decided to pull the tag competitors from the All Out War match. Instead, officials have created a very special Tag Team Gauntlet Match to take place on Friday, September 17th with huge #1 contendership ramifications of it’s own. Like the All Out War match, the winners of the Tag Team Gauntlet on September 17th will be named the new #1 contenders to the CLASH Tag Team Championship!

With that being said, five spots have now opened up in the All Out War match as both members of Too Sweet (Bryce Benjamin & Joey Marx) and the Power Rangers (Blue Ranger & White Ranger) have entered the Tag Team Gauntlet. “Hebrew Hammer” Joseph Schwartz has also withdrew from the match, and will instead go after Tag Team contendership with his longtime Kosher Klub partner Sean Tylerstein. Joining these three teams are Victorious Secret and the Bump N’ Uglies. In fact, the only CLASH tag team that will not take part in the aforementioned Gauntlet match are the Pain Killers. “Their focus will be elsewhere,” was the only answer given by Tommy Treznik as to why the H3RD members will not partake in the bout.

Regarding these open spots in the All Out War match, CLASH management have decided to name five new competitors over the course of “All Out War Week.” Monday through Friday (August 30th – September 3rd) one new wrestler will be added every day of “All Out War Week” until 15 of the 20 men who will compete in All Out War will be known. Interestingly enough, the five competitors who will be announced during “All Out War Week” are relative newcomers to CLASH Wrestling! Who will be added? Join us every day next week, exclusively on CLASHWRESTLING.COM as we learn more about September 17th’s huge All Out War event!