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A New CLASH Insider w/ Nicholas P. Clashertone

June 5, 2009 · Print This Article

Greetings! It’s the ‘Tone and I’m back with your weekly fix of CLASH Wrestling news and insights. There’s so much to cover this week, so allow me to dive right in! First off, I’d like to thank each and every member of our CLASH Wrestling family (ie. CLASH staff & fans) who made it out to the 2009 Relay For Life this past Saturday. CLASH Wrestling presented the best of itself on Saturday and for a truly great cause. We raised $2600 this year for the American Cancer Society, making us a Silver Team!

Once again thanks to everyone who helped participate in the event, and special thanks are in order for Event Coordinator & Team Captain Melanie Libra. CLASH Wrestling greatly looks forward to partaking in the Relay For Life again next year! If you’re looking for a more detailed account of this past Saturday, CLASH Radio did a great job summarizing the event. I highly suggest giving John & Adam a listen once your done reading this column.

Early this morning was the official launch of the CLASH Wrestling Incentive Program. The brainchild of myself and CLASH CEO Jeremy Jones, the CW Incentive Program looks to lessen the financial burden caused by our declining economy. Myself and Jeremy created a program which will not only save you, our loyal fans, a nice amount of money, but hopes to increase awareness of CLASH Wrestling. Check out the full story, featuring details our ongoing promotions and their huge savings, on the main page on our site!

Another week and we’re inching closer and closer to the 2009 NPCI Tag Team Tournament. In the past 7 days, we’ve added 6 more teams to the mix, making our total count 15 going into For The Win this Saturday night. The latest additions to the 2009 NPCI field include CLASH tandems Nightlife, SR17, & Family Fusion. Joining these men are 3 duos making their CLASH debuts at the 2009 NPCI. The Gym Rats are a multi-time title holding, high-flying duo from Ontario, the Connecticut based tandem of Fast & Fabulous hope that cockiness translates to victory, while the Diamond City Kings feel they have the necessary training (Hanson & Tuner have trained at both Chikara & ROH’s schools) to bring home the gold. Time will tell which of these teams will outlast the 15 others to walk out of Taylor, MI with the CLASH Wrestling Tag Team Championships on June 20th. Who do you think will win? You don’t have to wait much longer to find out! The NPCI is almost here!

For The Win is this Saturday night and should be a great show to say the least. I’m excited for the two biggest matches on the marquee as Cameron Skyy attempts to once again dethrone CLASH Champion Dragon Kreed. These two men know each other very well, having squared off numerous times in the last 60 days. Their match on Saturday will definately differ from past offerings, now that Skyy has chose to make things personal. The other bout I’m excited to see is Wreckingball vs. Tommy Tydie. These two men have only met once before, in a brief match last year in Riverview. Both of these men are loud, brash, proud individuals and I don’t expect either man to back down. Wreckingball has the strength and size advantage, but Tydie makes no bones about the fact that he’ll do anything to win. Add in the x-factor of J. Miller and you’ve quite a match you certainly don’t want to miss! Other bouts scheduled at For The Win include a Tag Team Grudge Match between Friends & Nightlife, Will Vendetta takes on Keith Calhoun, and J. Miller faces one half of SR17, Van Envy.

My 5 Random Weekly Thoughts:

– Word around the water cooler is that GQ & Rave are hitting the gym harder than ever to prepare for the 2009 NPCI. Never before in history has one team had to defend their gold against 15 other tandems over the course of 2 nights. The Friends are doing everything in their power to ensure they walk out of the NPCI still Tag Team Champions.

– Haven’t seen or heard from Khameleon or Green Ranger since their 1 on 1 encounter in Livonia nearly two weeks ago. Are they still recovering from their respective injuries? Perhaps, hiding their masked faces in shame?

– Guess SR17’s petition to Jeremy Jones worked, as the Ohio-based tandem have gained entry into the 2009 NPCI. If Van Envy & Kris Konflict want to make a sudden impact in CLASH, winning the NPCI would do just that.

– Look for Adam Summers to have a more active role in upcoming webisodes of CLASH In A Flash. Summers has been granted the permanent job of backstage interviewer. Expect Pillar To Post vs. CLASH In A Flash debates to soon follow…

– For those wondering the legitimacy of the ties amongst Family Fusion, I’ll allow Mathew Collins to explain himself, “My youngster sister, Kathy Collins married a fine man in Keith Calhoun. He’s my brother in law, which makes him Jason’s uncle. It’s a Family Fusion, but this ain’t no small family! Our tree continues to grow and ya never know when a new branch might poke ya in the eye!”

That’s all for this week. See you on the other side (?),
Nicholas P.